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Full text of "Annual report of the director of the Department of Archives and History of the State of Mississippi"

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October i, 1906 to October 1, 1907. 



NASHVjr.LK, T1.NN.: 





To the Legislature of the State of Mississippi: 

This year completes the first six years of the Department of 
Archives and History and of the administration of the Depart- 
ment by Hon. Dunbar Rowland, the Director. 

During this time most important work has been done; valu- 
able historical records and other materials have been taken from 
neglected piles of rubbish and assigned their proper place in our j 

State's history; the documentary history has been brought to 
public notice ; prominent attention has been given to the gather- 
ing of Confederate rosters and the publication of Mississippi's j 
military history; an admirable Orlicial and Statistical Register i 
was published- in 1904 and the materials are now in readiness for i 
the next similar publication, required by law. A miost valuable ( 
State Historical Museum has been established, which consists I 
of portraits of distinguished Mississippians, autograph letters, and 
•interesting war relics — which is a source of pride to our citizens, 
and a patent appeal to patriotism. The important events of 
territorial history have been gathered, systematized, published 
and thus made accessible. A systematic study of the manu- 
script sources of }Jississippi provincial history has been made 
by the Director in London, Paris and Seville and transcripts of 
them have been brought to the Department. 

In these ways, and many others the Director, Hon. Dimbar 
Rowland, has conducted the work of the Department with con- 
spicuous success. 

We desire to express our high appreciation of the very valuable 
work performed. He has labored assiduously and has displayed 
not only unusual energy but good judgment and fine discrimi- 
nation. Far more has been accomplished than the most san- 
guine friends of the Department, in the beginning, thought pos- 
sible. The work has won the admiration and praise of other 
distinguisliod tticu engaged in historical \A'ork. 

We trust the next Legislature will provide larger facilities for 
continued improvement; that much larger appropriations will be 

made for the prosecution of the work of the Department, which 
we regard as of the widest interest to the people of this State 
and of inestimable value in the preservation of our important 
historical materials and placing the history of Mississippi fairly 
before the world. We therefore urge, in view of the magnitude 
of this work in its many and diversified phases, that the appro- 
priations be much enlarged over former appropriations. 

We would further recommend and urge that, in view of the 
Director's excellent ability and valuable services, the salary be 
made three thousand dollars (S3,Q00) per year. 
Yours very respectfully, 

Stephen D Lf^, 
Charles B. Galloway, 
Robert B. Fultox, 
Edward Mayes, 
R. W. Jones, 
J. R. Preston, 
J. M. White, 

F. L. Riley, 

G. H. Brunson, 
Trustees Departmcyit of Archives and History. 

Jackson, Miss., Nov. 1, 1907. 




By Dunbar Rowland. 

Department of Archives and History, 

Jackson, Miss., October 1. 1907. 

To General Stephen D. Lee, Bishop Charles B. Galloway^ Dr. R. 

B. Fulton, Dr. R. W. Jones, Dr. Edward Mayes, Prof. J. R. 

Preston, Dr. Franklin L. Riley, Prof. J. M. White and Prof. 

G. H. Branson, Trustees of the Mississippi Department of 

Archives and History: 

Gentlemen: I have the honor to submit my administrative 
and financial report as Director of the Mississippi Department of 
Archives and History for the fiscal year ending September 30, 

The last report of the Department was quite full, and included 
a somewdiat detailed statement of the historical work of the State 
from, its beginning in March, 1902, to October 1, 190G. It also 
contained a complete account of the progress and development 
of an elaborate plan for the collection and publication of the 
original manuscript sources of Mississippi history in foreign 
archives. This closing year of the first term of six years, in 
wliich the Department has been engaged in its work, is an appro- 
priate time for a somewhat general discussion of plans for the 
future. In addition, the present report may be properly con- 
fined to the usual statement of the activities of the past year. 

Meeting of Board of Trustees. 

The Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Department of 
Archives and History met, on call of the President, in the Hall 
of History. Tuesday, October 23, 190G, with the following mem- 
bers present: Gen. Stephen D. Lcc, Bishop Charles I^. Gallo- 
way. Dr. R. \V. Jones, Dr. R. B. Fulton. Dr. Franklin L. Riley. 
Prof. J. M. White, Prof. G. H. Brunson and Prof. J. R. Preston. 


The rules and regulations which govern the Department pro- 
vide that the annual meeting shall be held in the first v/eek in 
October; by order of the President it was postponed to give the 
Director ample time for the preparation of his annual report. 
The Board was called to order by the President, Gen. Stephen 
D. Lee, after which the following proceedings were had, to wit: 

On motion of Prof. \Vhite. the annual administrative and 
financial report of the Director was submitted. After the read- 
ing of the report, Bishop Galloway offered the following resolu- 
tions and moved their adoption: 

Whereas, The Fifth Annual Report of the Director of the Depart- 
ment of Archives and History, submitted to this Board, is of unusual 
historical interest to the State of Mississippi, as well as to the entire 
country, in that it contains the results of a full and scholarly study of 
the sources of Mississippi provincial history in foreign archives; there- 
fore, be it 

Resolved, First. That the thanks of this Board be extended to the 
Director for the faithful, diligent and successful discharge of duty in the 
prosecution of a pioneer historical undertaking of great value to the State 
of Mississippi. 

Second. That the ;;encral efficiency of the Director in the adrninis- 
tration of an inipt;rta!'it f)uhlic trust, as sh'Avn especially in the prepara- 
tion and publi'jation of the Otlicial and Statistical Register of Mississippi, 
the Territorial Archives of Mississippi, the Annual Reports of the Depart- 
ment, -in the preservation and classincati-^n of the priceless archives of 
the State, in the material aid extended to other States in establishing 
Historical Departnu. nts, ;ind m the development of a wholesome and 
enthusiastic public interest in the history of Mississippi, are hereby 
approved and commended by this Board. 

Third. That these resolutions e.xpressin<^ the approval of this Board 
be recorded in its minutes. 

The resolutions as olTered by Bishop Galloway were then 

In order that more time be given for the preparation ot tlie 
annual report of the Dcpartincnt. the annual meeting was 
changed from the hrst week in Octot>er to the hrst week in 
November, Pt07, on a day to be h.Kcd by the President. 

Sthphex D. Lee, 
DuNB.\R RowL.vND. F^rcsidt'nt. 


Cuban Archives Relating to Mississippi History. 

During the progress of the investigation of Spanish archives 
concerning Mississippi history, I ascertained that in the general 
removal of the archives of Cuba to Spain in ISSS and 1$S9 quite 
a collection of valuable Mississippi material was still deposited 
in the archives of Havana. During the latter part of December 
and the first week in January I visited Havana and took ad- 
vantage of the opportunity to make such searches as my 
limited xiiVie allorded. The results obtained were encouraging, 
and there is every reason to belie\'e that this interesting held 
will afford a profitable subject for future investigation, as supple- 
irienLal to the work which is being done in the Archi\'es of the 
Indies in Se\'ille. 

The documents in Havana concerning Mississippi history are 
deposited in the Archivo Nacional. which is a general deposi- 
tory of documentary material for the Island of Cuba. 

Before leaving Jackson I had secured, through the courtesy of 
Secretary Elihu Root, Dr. J. Franklin Jameson, Director of the 
Department of Historical Research of the Carnegie Institution. 
and Mr. Luis Marino Perez of the Carnegie Institution, letters of 
introduction to Governor ^lagoon, ^linister 3*Iorgan, and Senor 
Jose D. Payo and Senor Julio Ponce De Leon, Director and 
Assistant Director of the Archivo Xacional, which very ma- 
terially facilitated my investigation. The thanks of the Depart- 
ment are due these courteous and obliging gentlemen for the aid 
so generously extended. 

When the Spanish Government decided upon the cession of 
East and West Florida to the United States, tlic archives of 
Louisiana and the Floridas were removed to Ha\-ana, about 
1819, although the treaty stipulated that the documents rc- 
htting to the property and so\'creignty of the pro\"inces should 
be dcli\'ered to the Government of the United States. Ail these 
documents are of the first importance to students of Sj^anish 
dominion in the Guk" States. 

The documents remuining in the Ilax'ana arcliives. \vhich are 
of interest to us, have been designated as follows: 

East Florida, general, 1737-1 7*.)l); Ecclesiastical history, 
i(>96-178(): Louisiana and West Florida, ucnerak 1 7().")-l81S; 

Ecclesiastical history, 1771-1803-1824; East and West Florida, 
general, 1805-1821. 

I noted m going through the collection, reports and letters 
from Galvez, Mero, ^lorales, Maxent, Panton, Carondelet, 
McGillevray, Gayoso, Wilkinson and many others who were 
prominent during the Spanish occupation of ?vlississippi. 

Transcripts of English Archives. 

In treating fully of tliis subject in the last report, it was stated 
that the first installment of transcripts of English archives from 
the Public Record Oi-fice, London, was expected to arrive in 
November. That expectation was realized, and the first install- 
ment of these very valual-le transcripts wa.s received during that 
month. The volunies have been coming in regularly at intervals 
of about six weeks since that timic and there are now eight on 
file in the Department. These have been designated and num- 
bered just as they appear in the Record Office, and are listed as 
follows : 



Volume 1.3, ^Jilitary papers of Major Robert Fanner (17(13). 




252. 1763-0.3. Original papers. Letters and t-nelrsures to the Secre- 
tary of State from Major i'\'irmer and Governor 

2.33. 170.3-06. Original papers. Letters and enclosures to the Secre- 

tary of State fr(.>in Governor jolinstone and Lieu- 
tenant-Govern r Hro\vne. 

2.34. ITtWi-iw. (.Original })apers. Letters and etu losures to the Secre- 

tary of State from Govtrnor J.Viinstone and Lieu- 
tenant -Govenior Browne 

2,3.3. J767-6S. Original papers. Letters and eneUisures to the Secre- 
tary of State froiTi f,i{ ute!i.un-(TOVemor Browne 
and Governor Eliot. 

25(). 1708-~0'.K Original p.ipers. Letters and end s-.ires to the Secre- 
tary of Sl.'ite friitn Lieutenant -Governor Browne 
and G(.'\ern(,r Lluu. 



l'."7 irnO-TO. Original papers. Letters and enclosures to the Secre- 
tary of State frcra Lieutenant-Governor Browne 
and Lieutenant -Go vt-rnor Durnfcrd. 

2r)S. 1770-71. Original papers. Letters and enclosures to the Secre- 
tary of State from Governor Chester. 

■These important volumes deal fully with the first seven years 
of the English occupation of the Pro^-ince of West Florida, 
which includes tliat portion of the present State of ^Mississippi 
lying to the South of the mouth of the Yazoo Ri\'er. In view 
of the description of the contents of these fundamentals of 
^lississippi history, which was given in the last report, it is 
unnecessary to again go over that ground. 

French Archhes. 

The transcription of French archives, which was contracted 
for during my visit to Paris, lias been delay^ed by the sad and 
much deplored death of M. Victor Tantet, archivist of the 
Ministry of the ^larine. In view of the fact that the work of 
transcription was to have been done under the im.mediate direc- 
tion and supervision of ]^I. Tantet, it has been necessary to secure 
the permission and co-operation of his successor. Fortunately 
for this work, the Department of Historical Research of the 
Carnegie Institution now has a representative in Paris engaged 
in an investigation of the entire field of French arcliives relating 
to American history, and through the courtesy and cordial co- 
operation of Dr. J. Franklin Jameson, the scholarly Director of 
ilie Department. I shall be able to make another arrangement. 
The Department is now in correspondence with Mr. Waldo G. 
Leland. the representative of the Carnegie Institution, and lie has 
been autliorized to contract for the work of transcr:[>tion on the 
V)est terms obtainaijle. The correspondence with Dr. Jameson 
and Mr. Leland. on this important sul)iect. is included in this 
report in order tliat it may be preserved m printed form: 


Wasiiixoto.v. L). C, April K;, 1<.<07. 
Pi-ar Mr. Kowland: As pirhaj.s yon may alr(.'a<iy know, iwo of <Hir 
'•xpeditions to loreii,'n archives are planned to bci;in next June. Mr. 


W. G. Leland, of this oif.ce, one of the authors of its book on the Archives 
of the Government of the United States in Washington, will go to Paris 
to spend a year in the preparation of a Guide to the Materials for Ameri- 
can History in the Archives of Pans. He will have valuable aid from 
the historical agents of the Canadian Government and from our diplo- 
matic representative in Pans. I believe that he will miake a more 
thorough, all-around survey uf the French archives m their entirety, than 
perhaps any American student has }iad the opportunity of m^akmg before. 

At the same time Professor Herbert E. Bolton, of the University of 
Texas, will go to Mexico for a similar year's work. Since, however, he 
has labored already at various times a good many m.onths in the archives. 
of the City of Mexico, his researches for the purpose named, and also the 
book which he will produce, are not expected to be limited to the capital 
city, but to extend likewise over the provincial repositories of docu- 
mentary material. 

In both cases the fullest benefits to American historical scholars. 
which may be expected in.^m such expeditions, will not be available 
until the resulting reports have been brought out in print. Yet it seems 
to me quite possible for those historical departments or historical societies 
situated in regions once Freitch to avail themselves earlier, by 
arrangem^ents, of such bendits as may be expected to come to them from 
these investigations. Without seriousH' trenching upon the valuable 
time which tbey must devote to the work outlined by this olfice, both of 
these gentlem.en could, as they proceeded through masses of papers, sig- 
nalize those which were important to the history of any State for which 
they were asked to keep a lookcut. and cause copyists to proceed at once 
to the transcribing of such. 

I have therefore thouglit that I might propose to gentlemen who were 
in a position to do so, that they should in some form provide the means 
by which such sunpk-m.cntary labors of calcndaruLg and transcription 
for such purposes might be early set on f.^ot. I write to you tirst of all 
among these, because I know that especially in the case of Paris, you 
are interested to prorit as early as possible by the searches which we may 
make. I should be very glad to have, at your earliest convenience, your 
views upon the mode by which such co-operation can best be worked out. 
for I am, of course, not at all familiar v/ith the hnancial system under 
which your departm.tnt operates. The other part of the matter, the 
em'^aging -^f proper clerical a.-sistants :n Paris, will present no difficulties 
to Mr. Leland, in view of the relations v.hich we have to the Cara<iian 
agent, a gentlenian \'>\v,; laraiiiar with sui'h matters in Paris, If such a 
scheme of co-operation can be instituted A-ith Mississippi and other States 
I will cause the S<.'crelary of State to include the necessary instructi'^ns to 
our am.bassador in the letter whi'di he has premised to write upon tiie 
general subjci. t. I should be glatl to hear from you soon about this whole 
matter, especially because I do not propose to write t(^ others until I 
have heard from you. I should be glad if, when v.rumg, you wiiuld 
give me any suggcsric>i:s that o>.cur to you \^-ith regard to a similar arrange- 


ment with Mr. Oweii, and any information you have as to whether the 
situation in Louisiana is getting into such shape that anything could be 
done there. 

Beheve me, with the kindest regards. 

Very truly yours, 

(Signed) J. F. Jameson. 
Honorable Dunbar Rowland. 

Department of Archi\'es and History, 
Jackson, Mississippi. 

Dep.\rtment of Archives and History, 

Jackson. Miss.. April 21. 1907. 

Dear Dr. Jay,icson: It is very gratifying to knov- t'^'^'^ugh vnur letter 
of April 10th, that you have perfected your plans for a careful examina- 
tion cf the archives of France and Mexico, for the purpose of locating and 
calendaring the documentary materials for American history. I had 
re<.:eived notice of this very useful undertaking from the last num.ber of 
the "American Historical Review," and had been advised of yuur pur- 
pose to undertake such v/crk in the conversation we had m London last 

As you of course know, I am especially delighted that this work, w^hieh 
is so necessary to the history of the Mississippi Valley and to the lower 
South, is in such capable hands. 

I note with interest your suggestion that the States which are to be 
benefited by these investigations should, if possible to do so, avail them- 
selves, as the work progresses, of the opportunity of securing transcripts 
of material essential to their history. 

The work of securing transcripts of archives, in English and French 
repositories, relating to Mississippi history, was inaugurated last summer 
during my trip to London and Paris, and has since proceeded with satis- 
factory progress. The situation of the work in London is this; Last I designated the series of documents to be copied and three vol- 
urnt^s of transcripts have been recei\ed. The materials up.»n which my 
work is being done have been otacially designated as "War Onice," 
"Secretary of State, Volume 1."). and America and West Indies, beginning 
at V(.;Iume •_;.'i2 and extending through V(dume 2r.7"". Thvse ..Ir.cumen-.s 
fullv cover the English occupation of West Florida from 17()o tt> 17S1. 

In Pans all docum.ents included in "Correspondence Generale Lc-'uis- 
in:;e," concerning Mississippi, have been carefully ralcnd.ired. an.i tiie 
work of transi-ril'ing will begin ai.'out June 1st. under the pergonal super- 
vision of Monsieur Victor Tantet. Director of Archives. Minisiry (..f the Ma- 
rine. These eak-ndars will appear as an appendix to the Filth Annual 
Report of this department. 

Our appropriation for transcripts is $1,(3()(), and I have contracted for 
the expenditure ol the entire amount. I am inclined to think that Ala- 


bama, Arkansas, Texas, and possil.-^ly Louisiana are in a position to avail 
themselves of the benefits of Mr. Leland's investigations. Dr. Owen 
was treated very handsomely at the recent session of the Legislature of 
his State, and there is doul>tless a fund in Texas and Arkansas which 
could be used. 

I should like very much to avail myself of the bcnehts of the work 
done by Mr. Lcland in the Bildi.-thiquc Xationale,. and in the Ministry 
of Foreign Aft'airs, where I made no investigations, but my appropriation 
will not allow the necessary expenditure. Under our system of appro- 
priations the specific object for which each am.ount miust be used is desig- 
nated, hence there can be no interchange of funds. It will take several 
years for us to complete the work ;drcady mapped out. 

I regard your plan of State co-upcraiion with the Department of His- 
torical Research in the important work wViirli it has undertaken as most 
desirable. If it can l:)e ^corked out, even in a small v.-ay in the beginning, 
I feel sure that.ii would Icavi tu kirge r^.-^ulis m the future. I shall 
regard it as a great pleasure to be able to assist you in creating an interest 
in your plans in the States of the South which are included in the French 
and Spanish occupation. 

I am making my arrangements to be in Washington some time between 
May loth and June 1st, and I hope that i bhall have the honor of confer- 
ring with you. 1 shall also be glad to talk to Mr. Leiand about the situa- 
tion in Paris. 

With highest regards and best wishes. I am 

Yours very smcerely, 

(Signed) Dunbar Rowl.a.xd. 
Dr. J. F. Jameson. 

Department of Historical Research. 

Wa<;hingt(,n. D. C. 

Carneoh: I.Nsi iTiTioN or Washixgton'. 

Wasiu.ngio.n, 1). C April 25, lOtlT. 

My Dear Mr. Th:ink v. .u f< .r vour letter of April l2 1 . It will 
evidently be in limited waws enlv that v. c can at present be of use to your 
Parisian researehes. If. :M.\S'Ver. th' r. i< anytliing that Mr. Leiand can 
do I am sure thai he v,dl be ■;! . 1 t , d . ■Ah:i:...ver v><u wish, and I shall be 
glad to liave Irim li-' -■o. 1 ii e. e ie.- d.^\;".t t'n;it at the Bibliotheque 
Nationale he v.iil p-jr<u.' al-ut li.-- .-ime e,,v,rse wliieh Professor Andrews 
pursued in the !;ri•;^!: M-;-u::'. 7:..evle, ;,. v^akc an itemized list of all 
documents relating (o t ne i;:.>i< ry .t liie Lmted States and Canada. 
Listing is the onlv mode m [he la.-e of ti !ieeti..ns which result from casual 
accumulation bv lairelui^e or y.ii, I'-^r >•: h s\unniiiry as can 
be ma<]e in tlie i < i l""'-' < :?. : d si rus .^re uvu.plieahle in the case of a 
library. Tlurei. re I (■■ \ --^r, th..: \b i-ipM items will !)<> eovered in 
tlie case of the HiMi' 'ihe [e. ■ .\ it. I'i.e archives uf all tlic minis- 
tries will be exr'.mine.! i >1 ^^-ur^e < .mnot say when the results of 


the mission will be available in print. But I do not need to say that we 
shall always be glad to place at your service in advance anything which 
relates to your work. 

It is a pleasure to know that we have the prospect of seeing you in 
the latter part of next month. Mr. Leland will be here on the fifteenth, 
though perhaps before the end of the month he will have gone to New 

Believe me, with the kindest regards, 

Very truly yours, 

(Signed) J. F. Jameson. 

Dunbar Rowland, Esq., LL.D., 

Director of the Department of Archives and History, 
Jackson. Mississippi. 

48bis, RUE Rayxouard. 

Paris, XVI, August S, 1907. 

Dear Mr. Rowland: Dr. Jameson wrote some time ago enclosing your 
letter respecting the copying that was being attended to by M. Tantct at 
the time of his most unhappy demise, and I have received the copy of 
the report containing your suggestions respecting the selection of docu- i 

ments and the calendar in which the items that you wished copied are • 
checked. I have not yet been able to communicate with the Secretary i 

of M. Tantct, for I have not yet been able to ascertain his name and 
address. As soon as possible, however, I shall do so and will let you i 

know the results of my intervie\\-. I suppose that the arrangements : 

you made can continue unless the situation is such as to make that im- j 

possible. At any rate I will see what can be done, and in case any rad- { 

ical change seems to be desirable I will await vour instructions bef<jre I 

making it. 

I see that you stopped at the Hotel de Calais while here, and supp'}se 
that you found it as comfortable and pleasant a place as we did. We 
are n..\v in an apartment at Passy. a few steps from the site of Franklin's 
\'!il:i. W e have a line view owr the ri\'er and the city and C(.>nsi<ifr oiir- 
Sflvos very tcjrtunately located. .My work here pmmiscs to be most 
in-teresting and I sincerely trust that it nuiy prove to be useful to his- 
ti,rK;d mtcTcNis in America. In order that it may be so. so far at least 
as Mississipjii is concerned, I beg that N'ou will command me at all times 
and upon all occasions when it seems in the least probable that I can do 
anything for you. In the meantime l)elieve me to be 

Very sincerely yours, 

(Signed) W. Cr. Lei.amj. 

14 . 

Department of Archives and History, 

Jackson, Miss., October 2, 1907. 

My Dear Mr. Ldand: I very much appreciate the interest which you 
are taking in my efforts to secure transcripts of French archives concern- 
ing Mississippi history. Tlie very unfortunate death of M. Tantet has, 
of course, greatly delayed the work. The calendar which I sent you 
through Dr. Jameson was prepared by the Secretary of M. Tantet, who 
I suppose still retains his position with the Ministry of the Marine. The 
work which he has already done should be very helpful, as it enables 
him to be fully advised as to what is wanted. In the event that you 
cannot arrange with the Secretary I wish to give you authority to make 
another arrangement without waiting for my further approval. I am 
delighted to hear that you are so happily situated in Paris, and I feel 
sure that you will avail yourself of the great opportunities which you 

With best wishes for the success of your very important undertaking, 
I am 

Yours very sincerely, 

(Signed) Dunbar Rowland, 


Transcripts of Spanish ArcJiivcs. 

When it was ascertained that the work of transcribing the 
French archives, relating to Mississippi history would be delayed, 
I at once applied to Don Pedro Torres Lanzas, Director of the 
Archives of the Indies, at Seville, for permission to have searches 
instituted and transcripts made of the Archives of Louisiana and 
West Florida. The correspondence with Senor Jose Gonzales, 
the A^:^!stant Director, follows: 

Dkpart.mknt of Archives and History. 

Jackson. Miss., June 2'). irn'7. 

D. Pi-.Dko T<)Riu:s L.\NZ.\s. Director Archives of the Indies, Seville, S]\ain: 
.Uv D 'ir Sir: Th.> Nti^si^sipi 'i Dopririnient (^f Artb.ives and H>:i.r\- 
(h^iffS lo s>'.virc trai-.s- n(>is of those documents of Louisiana and West, 
i'Monda in your I:<.'^^.^^ .<.si<»n whuh relate to tlie Spanish (u-cupali.'n cf 
what is now the Si.ite of Nri.^sissippi from 1779 to 17',\S-l.Sl.S. " ( .\ pirt 
of tlio State '.vas cv.k vj.itod hv the Sf)anisli in 179S and a p.irt in lM-5 ■ 
In <ir.l<T that \"U ni;iv unocrstatid the kind of dvununents wanted I h.a\ a- 
j)ri.]iarcd for vi.ur uso, m a separate paper, a detailetl description, whuh. 
I trust will be snihiivnth- clear and ex[)li(-it. 


In the prosecution of the work I should like very much to have it con- 
fined strictly to the subjects and matters indicated. 

It is desirable also that the work of transcribing should proceed as 
soon as the necessary preliminaries are arranged. I shall take pleasure 
in making prompt payments on delivery with bill attached. 

Dr. W. R. Shepherd, who was with you some years ago making inves- 
tigations in the Spanish archives, as dealing with the history of the 
United States, has written me many nice things of your zeal and effi- 
ciency in aiding students of American history. 

I should be pleased to have my work done by D. Jose Gonzales Verger, 
under your personal supervision. I regret ver^/ much that I am unable 
to conduct this correspondence in the language of your great country, 
and trust that we shall have no difficulty in arranging the matter. I 
shall appreciate very much if we can make all preliminarv arrangements 
without delay, as it is very desirable that the work proceed as soon as 

Permit me to assure you that I agree in advance to all reasonable 
regulations and charges, and as soon as I shall have the honor of hearing 
from you final arrangements will be made at once. 

I have the honor to be, my dear sir, 

Yours very truly, 

(Signed) Dunbar Rowland, 
Director Mississippi Department of Archives and History. 

Archives of the Indies. Louisiana and West Florida. 

Suggestions for making an investigation of documentary 
historical material of Louisiana and West Florida, concerning the 
State of ^Mississippi, United States of America, deposited in the 
Archives of the Indies at Seville, Spain. 

1. The investigation should cover that period of time extend- 
ing from 1779 to 1798-1813 (a part of our State being evacuated 
in 1798 and part in 1813) or from the beginning to the end of the 
Spanish occupation. It will also be well to include a period of 
tvv'o years immiediatcly preceding the military operations of 
Galvcz in order that full details may be obtained. 

2. Papers in general relating to Biloxi. Xp.trhcz. 'Mol)i]c\ Pass 
Cliristian, Fort Charlotte. Dauphine Island. Baton Rouge. Los 
Xogales or Walnut Mills. Manschac. Fort St. Louis, Yazoo and 
Fort Tombecbe, as well as to any sort of settlement on the cast 
bank (jf the Mississippi River, or in the territory incdudcd be- 
iween the river, 31 and 35 degrees north latitude, and cast to 
the Chattalioochie River. 


3. Correspondence of the officers commanding at the posts 
designated in No. 2, including correspondence or instructions 
to them from the Captain-General or from the home government ; 
papers from or to Callett, Treveno, Miro, Piernas, Dauligny, 
Grand Pre, Gayoso de Lemos, Espeleta, Folch, Lanzas and 
Elinor, etc. ; and the correspondence of the several governors of 
Louisiana and West Florida, including O'Reilly, Unzaga, DeLa 
Torre, Galvez. i^Iiro, Carondelet and Casa Calvo.. 

4. Papers covering the surrounding Indian tribes in any way, 
such as treaties and trade with; purchase of land from and 
bestowal of presents on, including Creeks, also written Cricks 
and Crekes; Talapuches; Chicachas, also written Chicachas and 
Chicasas; Choctas, etc., also all correspondence and dealings of 
Alejandro McGillivray, Bowles and other representatives of 
the Indians in their relations with the Spaniards and the Ameri- 
cans, so far as the scene of such dealings was laid in the territory 
described in No. 2. 

5. Papers dealing with explorations by land or water, es- 
pecially of such rivers as the Mississippi, from the mouth to 'So 
degrees north; the Pearl, Iberville, Yazoo, Mobile, Tombecbe. 
St. Catherine, Homochitto and Big Black, also the coast of the 
Gulf of Mexico, being now the southern coast of Mississippi and 
Alabam^a, also the interior to the north between the Mississippi 
River on the west, the Chattahoochie River on the east and the 
35th degree of latitude on the north. 

6. Papers relating to the boundaries of Louisiana and West 
Florida and to tlie Boundary Commission (Commission de 

7. Maps of any part of the coast or rivers, posts, forts, settle- 
ments or boundaries of the territory described in No. 5. 

8. Land grants in the same territory described m No. 5; 
giving only grantor, grantee, wlicre situated and quantity of 
land granted. 

9. Desrri[)tions of the country by traders, explorers, hunters, 
trappers, or others passing through the territory under con- 

10. Orders, proclam.ations or letters from tlie home govern- 
ment relative to the exploration, settlement and regulation of 
the territory. 


Archives of the Indies, 

Seville, July 10,, 1907. 

Have received your letter of June 27 on the copying of documents of 
Louisiana and West Florida during the Spanish rule, which are desired 
for the. State Archives of Mississippi. 

The subject is of great importance because there are here many inter- 
esting documents, especially those which came from Havana in 1887 — 
.neither copied nor studied by any one — only Mr. Shepherd saw some, 
and I have made some researches for the State of Missouri. 

I at once accept v^-ith pleasure this task, v\'hich L w\\] begin from to- 
day that the copies as desired may be had promptly. These papers 
have not been well classified, and consequently v/ill demand much time 
and labor to arrange them for copying, for tliis task I will begin without 
interruption to send copies of what may be of interest, and if you 
wish I can send list of papers from which you decide what should be cop- 
ied when in my judgment they miay not be interesting. 

The conditions of this work will be the same which 1 gave to Mr. Louis 
Houch, of Cape Girardeau and Mr. Jas. A. Robertson, of Madison, in the 
work which I did for the State of j.Iissouri, which were one himdred 
pesetas monthly for the direction, search of 'documents, classification 
and collation of copies, and two pesetas for each sheet of copy and the 
paper which is used. 

As these are the conditions customary here and which you have ac- 
cepted, I believe they will seem good to you, and for this immediately I 
begin the labor. 

Monthly will be sent to you a remittance of copies, with ijill, and per- 
mit me only to state that as those who dedicate tliemselves to copying 
are persons who cannot wait long to receive v/hat is due for their labor, 
it is also customary to remit some sum to pay for the copies and to settle 
the value of each remittance with the m.;>ney, as required. 

I take this opportunity of olTering you, etc., etc.. 

(Signed) Jose Gonz.vles Verger. 

I have also copyists whij write en a machine; these copies are worth 
four pesetas. 

A sati.sfactor}^ arrangciiicnt was made with Senor Gonzales 
and the prosectition of the work of locating and transcribing 
the desired doctmients was begun at once: and the first con- 
signnient of transcripts was received during the month of Atigust. 

Owing to the tmclassifiecl condition of the Spanish archi\-es, 
in which the State of Mississippi is interested, the cost of pro- 
curing transcripts is somewhat greater than in Englanei and 
France. The actual cost of transcribing is about the same, but 


the additional cost arises from the necessity of making laborious 
searches, in order that the work may be confined to documents 
which are of special value to Mississippi history. The trans- 
cription of archives has been hmited to that character of records, 
which will result in quite a saving of funds to the Department. 
Three \'olu:ries of transcrijKs of Spanish archives have been 
received and are now on tile as permanent historical records. 
These, added to the Spanish archives of the Natchez District, 
will, when completed, be a most satisfactory collection of source 
materials on the Spanish occupation. 

Pnhlicaiion of Documentary History of English Occupation. 

In previous reports the publication plans of the Department 
relating to the documentary historv' of the State have been sub- 
mitted. It will be recalled that these publications have been 
divided into three divisions dealing witli the three great his- 
torical periods of the State, that is. (1) archives covering the 
provincial period; (2) arcliives covering the territorial period; 
(3) archives covering the Stale I'Criod. The first volum^e of this 
series was published in 10()."; under the title '^^lississippi Terri- 
torial Archives, 17^)S-lS()o."' It v;ill also be recalled that the 
reason for beginning the publication of historical sources with 
the archives of the territorial period that the documents 
dealing v;ith the first, or ]irovincial. i^eriod were not. at that time, 
available. Since tiiat time the archives of the provincial period 
have been partially collected, and the next publication will be 
the initial vc-Unne cf tlie ^r.v,■ineial scries. The first volume 
of '^Mississipj.i ProxincuLl Arc-lnws. Knglksh Domimrnb' is now 
in course of preiN'irati.;n. and \X \< exT.ccted that it will be ready 
for publication durii-: t;;f <':m:iuT of l!»ns. 

Ojjii ia! ar.a. .</ :/;■::.-,;/ 1 :,:::i>trr, inCiS. 

One of the m(.st miportant «•! tlie Department's activities 
during the past year lia-. i ten tlu- ]Ti^paration of the "Mississippi 
Olficial and Statv^ii^al Ri..;: :-r" !' >- piiN. It is provided that 
this volume shall he i-^iu'd v\ rr\- t..;ir years, and Ujias been the 
policy of the Dc]\irt!:ient t«) l-r-m the work of preparation early 


in the year in order to have the volume ready for distribution 
during the session of the Legislature. The greater part of the 
copy was forwarded to the printer in October, and the remainder 
will be ready by the first of December. 

In the preparation of the 190S edition of the Register much 
new data have been added to the permanent features, which, 
it is hoped, vvill greatly add to its historical value. These new 
features may be classified as: 

1. A m.ore complete outline history of the State. 

2. List of members of the Territorial Legislature. 

3. List of territorial officials. 

4. Biographical sketches of the Governors of the Territory 
and the State of ^vlississippi with full page, half-tone likenesses 
of twenty-two Governors. 

5. A series of valuable maps showing the territorial growth of 
the State. 

6. A complete military history of the State, in which is given 
the history of the part taken by Mississippi soldiers in all mili- 
tary operations from 1803 to date. 

It is expected that the Register for 190S will be ready for 
distribution about the first of March. 

Fifth Annual Report. 

The last report of the -Department was received from the 
printer in May and was at once distributed to libraries, historical 
societies and to the general public. The report has been of 
special interest to the States of the Mississippi Valley, which are 
all m^ore or less interested in the French archives of the Ministry of 
the Marine, dealing with the Province of Louisiana, and these are 
calendared in the report, in so far as they deal directly with 
Mississippi history. It is perhaps true, that in this tield. the 
report is a pioneer imdertaking, and has opened up a ])romising 
field of investigation for the States s|)ecially interested in French 
explorations and settlements in the Valley of the Mississipj)i and 
the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. 

Encouragement oj flislorical Ujulertak'ijigs in oilier States. 

The Department has. during the past year, had several oppor- 
tunities to be of some ser\-icc in the estal)lishment of Historical 


Departments in other States. Such departments have been 
recently estabhshed in Virginia, North Carohna, Maine and 
Indiana, and in all these States the law and methods of the 
Mississippi Department have been substantially followed. Its 
reports have been used in formulating plans for the future de- 
velopment of the historical activities of Virginia, Xorth Caro- 
lina, ^vlaine and Indiana. The idea of State supported historical 
work has taken hrm hold in the States of the Union where there 
has been little or no eft'ort to preserve and publish State history. 
It has also been adopted in States where official archives are 
neglected. It has been found that by harmonious co-operation 
of the Historical Department and the Historical Society in the 
same State better work can be done by ]K)th. 

In recognition of what has been done for other States by this 
Department, I have received the letters following: 

ViRGiN'iA State Lirrary, 


RicHMOXD, Va., October 15, 1907. 
Dr. Rowland: 

Dear Sir: . . I stvuliod the syst-.-iTi 'A the Mississippi Department 
of Archives and History with .i:;reat interest, as it is recognized as one of 
the foremost inanr.script departments in the country. I had to outline 
a system of work tor my dc]Kirtment — a new creation — and I am sure 
that I derived a -reat deal cf benclii fnnn your experience. I intend 
in the future tf) kce^i as clnscly in touch with ycnr work as possible, 
because I feci sure tliat your instituti. ni is a safe ;^'uide to follow. 

Do you expect t<) be iti Richmond any time snon ? If .so I hope I mav 
have the pleasure of a visit fn.m ymi. I am. 

Y'lurs \er\' tnil\-. 

(Si.::ned) H. f. Eckenrode. 

Tin-: .VoKTH CaKOIIXA 1 I I^ ; , kicm. C"().MN!ISSI0N. 

KA!,hic.!i. September 18, 1*J(«7.' 
Hon. DtxiiAW Rowi ^\n. Diret i^.r ment .^f .\rrhives and Hist.rv, 

Jackson, Miss. : 

Dear Sir: A caretul re.uhiv.,' r.i the rep. r-s ;ir.<l Inilletins of the Depart- 
ment of Archives and Hi-? ry . -i tiie Si.ue ..f .Mississippi, which vou at 
my request kiTidb/ tMr;"v>-,,-d .-e. Iv ]'■•.:) <f 'T.rdderaMc vahie to me 
both in securi:r4 I ■'' 1 '''' !' .".■ '.i' •- •••. ;■ r . --.r u.,rk nn<l in . .r-ani/ani^ (Uir 
Commission. NCnr A-rlN has atir.i. t-.l the attention of similar 


hislorical organizations throu<::hout the country, and in the corre- 
spondence which I have had witli the heads of such departments in 
other States looking to the organization of our work, I have been fre- 
quently ref&rred to your department as one of the best in the South. 
I congratulate you on your good Avork and hope that it will be my privi- 
lege at some early date to make a personal examination of your depart- 

With best wishes I am 

Very truly yours, 

(Signed) R. D. \Y. Connor, 
Secretary Xorth Carolina Historical Commission. 

State of Maine, Office of State Historian, 

ToGus, September IS, 1907. 
Hon. Dunbar Rowland, Director: 

My Dear Sir: The Legislature of Maine early in the present year 
authorized the Governor to appoint a State Historian. Having received 
the appointment I began at once an inquiry concerning the archives of 
the State, their extent, condition, arrangernent, etc. Finding that no 
attempt had been made to arrange these archives so as to make them 
easily accessible for the purposes of historical investigation, and im- 
pressed with the im.portance of collecting, arranging and preserving the 
materials of our State history, I turned my attention to the work that 
has been done in other States in this direction. In my investigations 
I have made myself acquainted with the valuable work that has been done 
in the Departm.ent of Archives and History organized by the State of 
Mississippi. The reports of this Department have afforded me much 
needed information, and I congratulate the State of Mississippi on the 
advanced position it occupies because of the high character of the work 
accomplished by this Department. 

Very truly yours, 

(Signed) Henry S. Blrrage, 

State Historian. 

Historical Portraits. 

The appropriation ofSl.OOO which was made by the last Lej:- 
islature for oil portraits of deceased Governors of Mississippi, has 
enabled the Department to make ten valual)lc additions to its 
collection. These portraits are well executed, and were made 
by some of the most accomplished artists in the country. The 
new additions are likenesses of the foUowing Mississip^pi Gov- 

William C. C. Claiborne, Daxdd tb^lmes, ("ierard C. Brandon. 
Hiram G. Runnels. All>ert (r. Hrowii, John T. Onion. John J. 


McRae, Joseph W. Matthews, John J. Pettus and Benjamin G. 

There are now hanging in the State Hall of Famie the por- 
traits of tw^enty-two Mississippi Governors. The first portrait 
was received October 10, 1002, and there arc now sixty-four in 
the collection. These, arranged as they were received, are listed 
as follows: 

Hon. Seargent S. Prentiss, presented by his son, S. S. Prentiss, Jr., of 
New Orleans, La. Received October 10, 1002. 

Governor Henry S. Foote, presented by his son and daughter, Hon. 
W. W. Foote, of San Francisco, Cal., and Mrs. Jane Foote Martin, of 
Oakland, Cal. Received May 0, 1903. 

Hon. Jacob Thompson, presented by his trranddavighter, Mrs. Kate 
Thompson Kirkman, of Nashville, Tenn. Received November 11, 1902. 

Governor William McWillie, presented by his son, Hon. T. A. McWillie, 
of Jackson, r^Iiss. Received July 4, 1903. 

Governor James L. Alcom. presented by his wife, Mrs. Amelia W. 
Alcorn, of Eagle's Nest, Miss. Received April 5, 1003. 

Governor Charles Clark, presented by his son, Hon. Fred Clark, of 
Rosedale, Miss. Received March .5, 1903. 

Gen. Will T. Martin, presented by his son. Judge W. C. Martin, of 
Natchez, Miss. Received June 4, 10(»3. 

Judge Alexander M. Clayton, {tresented by his daughters, Mrs. John 
W. Ross, of Pensacola, Fla., and Mrs. M. L. Hull, of Holly Springs, Miss. 
Received December IL', 1902. 

Senator Pcnvhatan Eliis. ])rescnied by his nephew. Major Powhatan 
EUis, of Richn^ond. Va. Received. November 1. 1902. 

Judge Thomas R. Stockdale, presented by his son, Thomas R. Stock- 
dale, Jr., of Summit, Miss. Received April 5, 1903. 

Governor Jaines Whitfield, presented by his granddaughters. Mrs. 
E. T. Sykes and Mrs. C. N. Avers, .i::d his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Nora 
Whitfield, all of Cnlurnbn.s. .Mi-s.. Reeeived Novcml^er 12, 1902. 

Gen. Stephen D. Lee. pre.-^ented by tlie Faculty and Alumni of ihe 
Agricultural and .Meclianieal Colie-'c of .Mississippi. Received June 2. 


Judge E. S. Fisher, presentevi by Ins (Liughiers. Mrs. P. S. Phillips, of 
Batesville, Mi-s., and .Mrs. A. L. Brid.^ers. of CasciUa, Miss., and bv his 
sons, Judge H. C, i'l. ii-.r. vi AuHin, i\;.\a^. and A. S. Fisher. iCs.p. oi 
Georgetown. Texas Received June :]0, 1903, 

Col. William R. MiKs, ^.resented by his wife, Mrs. William R, Mdes. 
of Yazoo City, Miss. Received .May .'>. I'MVA. 

Judge Harry Ca-e. presented bv ins -rand.;on, Hon. H. C. Ca:.:e. of 
New Orleans, La. U-. eived JuTie b"). 190,3. 

Senator Thomas B Keed, presented by his grandson, W S. RoeO. and 


by his great-grandson, I. Shelby Reed, both of Yazoo City, Miss. Re- 
ceived June 23, 19U3. 

Gen. N. H. Harris, presented by his brother, Capt. W. M. Harris, of 
Grace, Miss. Received May 20, 1903. 

Gen. Earl Van Dom, presented by his sister, Mrs. E. V. D. Miller, of 
Washington, D. C, and by his nephew, Hon. T. Marshall Miller, of New 
Orleans, La. Received March 5, 1003. 

Judge Francis M. Rogers, presented by his daughter, Mrs. India Rogers 
Sykes, of Aberdeen, Miss. Received April 15, 1903. 

Judge James F. Trotter, presented by his daughter, Miss Bessie Trotter, 
of HoUy Springs, Miss. Received April 12, 1903. 

Governor Alexander G. McNutt, presented by A. G. Paxton, of Hol- 
landale. Miss. Received December 21, 1903. 

Secretary Judah P. Benjamin, presented by Rabbi A. Brill, of Green- 
ville, Miss., for the Jewish citizens of Mississippi, on the evening of the 3d 
of June, at the new capitol in the House of Representatives, and received 
by Dunbar Rowland, Director of the Department of Archives and History. 

Judge Seth Lewis, presented by his descendants and relatives, T. R. 
Famsworth, Memphis, Tenn.; T. H. and E. T. Lewis, Opelousas, La.; 
John and \V. Boyle, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Amelia Lewis Watts. Miles 
Taylor Watts, Francis Anne Taylor and William Watts Taylor, of Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio; Anne Nugent Gibbs, Huntsville, Texas; Cecile Xugent 
Harris, Vicksburg, Miss.; Aimee Webb Nugent, Jackson; Sarah Vairin 
Baldwin, New Orleans, La.; and Nugent Beverly Vairin, of New Orleans, 
La. Received September 1, 1903. 

Gen. Richard Griffith, presented by his son, Richard Grifhth, of Jack- 
son, Miss. Received Septem])er 1, 1903. 

Governor John A. Quitman, presented by his daughter, Mrs. Rosalie 
Q, Duncan, of Natchez, and other daughters, granddaughters and grand- 
sons. Received June 23, 1904. 

Gen. W. F. Brantley, presented by his daughter. Mrs. J. W. Knight, 
of Mobile, Ala. Received January 15, 1904. 

Hon. Israel Welch, presented by his sister. Miss Mary Welch, of Shu- 
qualak. Miss. Received April 10. 1904. 

Judge Henry T. Ellett, prc'sented by his son. Dr. E. C. Ellctt, of Mem- 
phis, Tenn. Received January 23, 1904. 

Gen. Wirt Adams, presented by his son. Hon. Wirt Adams, of Jackson, 
Miss. Received August 8. 1904. 

Hrm. Otho R. Singleton, presented by his daughter. Mrs. Kaic Sii^glc- 
ton Smith, of Asheville, N. C. Received Sc])tember 12. 190 k 

Gen. W. F. Tucker, present erl bv his son. Dr. H. S. Tucker, of Elli.>villc. 
Miss. Received March II, 1904. 

Judge Wiley P. Elarris. presented by his son. Hon. J. B. Harris, of 
Jackson, Miss. Received July 15. 1904. 

Judge James T., presented bv his son-in-law. Gen. Stepiicn 
I). Lee, his sons, Hon. James T. and Thomas Harrison, and his grandson. 
Blewett Lee, Fsq.. of Chicago, and daugiiter. .Miss Mary Harrison, of 
Columbus, Miss, Received September 12. I«t04. 


Senator Hernando DeSoto Money, presented by Mrs. H. D. Money, 
October 29, 1904. 

Col. W. D. Holder, presented by his family, January 12, 1905. 

President Jefferson Davis, presented by the Mississippi Division 
Daughters of the Confederacy, January 19, 1905. 

Chancellor Charles Scott, presented bv his son. Charles Scott, May 29, 

Governor Robert Dowry, presented 1\v his son, John Lov>-ry, July 5. 1905. 

Governor John ]\I. Stone, presented December 20, 1905, by Mrs. John 
M Stone. 

Hon. George S. Yerger, presented January 24, 1900, by Hon. Charles 

Dr. C. K. Marshall, presented January 10. 1900, by his daughter, Mrs. 
A. DeMoss. 

Senator Jesse Speight, presented April o. 1900, by his granddaughters, 
Mrs. Baxter McFarland and Mrs. Sp( ight Elkin. 

Gen. Ed^vard Cary Walthall, loaned by his adopted daughter, ^Irs. 
Jonn B. Ross, of :\Iemphis. Tenn., March IS, 1907. 

Judge WilHam Yerger, presented by his descendants. June 3, 1907. 

Chief Justice A. H. Whitfield, presented by his family, May 15, 1907. 

The following portraits were hanging in the old Capitol vrhen 
the Department began its work. and. on moving to the new 
Capitol, -were made a pan of the collections in the Hall of Fam.e: 

Chief Justice W. L. Sh.arkey. 
Chief Justice E. G. Peyton. 
Chief Justice J. A. P. Campbdl. 
■ President Jefferson D.ivis. 
Governor George Pi.!n<le.\tcr. 
Col. Alexander K/McClung. 
Governor Wintlin.p Sargent. 
Senator L. Q. C Lamar. 
Judge C. P. Sntith. 

Portraits purcliased by the I)c|'artn\ent : 

Governor Wdham C. C (■^.:: r-.c. r ..■vrd Mav !5, 19(t7. 
Governor Gerard C. Brands .n. received .May b">, irM7. 
Governor J:.:cph W. M..-!;-a-. r-.eiv.-d June 25. 1907. " 
Governor jolni J. l^:!.: . re' •, ..•, vi j ■,■.;■., l:5. I'.'(i7. 
Governor l)avid, re- eive.i ]-'.\v 1 ), I'.'o; 
Governor J..lin j. McKac. received JmIv 1 ;. P.-(t7 
Governor JMhn I. Gui.t, received .Xe-ust ^A. 19'i7. 
Governor Benjamin i) Hum; :;re\-.. re^.-ixd .Vugu,-: 2:;. h")7. 
Governor Albert G. b- ■••■• T' ■ ^ i^'-'d U, t .! er 29. 1907. 
Governor Hiram G. l^Iunu-dv received {>>t<.ber 27. 1907. 


The collection of historical portraits has been re-arranged, 
and is in every way worthy of the State. 

Historical Manuscripts, Classijyir.g, Binding. 

AVhen original historical materials are made easily accessible 
to investigators, the value of such collections is very much 
enhanced. The classification and binding of documentary ma- 
terial is therefore a very important activity in historical work. 
The classification and binding of the official archives of the 
Department have been conducted with very satisfactory restdts 
since the last repr^t. In fact a greater volume of historical 
m.aterial has been put in permanent form than in any previous 
year. This material consists of executive journals and corre- 
spondence beginning with the territorial period, laws and legis- 
lative Journals of Mississippi Territory, organic acts and consti- 
tutions, registers of appointments, correspondence of the Indian 
departm.ent, records of the territorial auditor and treasurer and 
miscellaneous collections. These priceless archives are listed 
as follows: 


Governor Winthrop Sargent. 179S-1801. 

Governor W. C. C. Claiborne, 1801-1S03. 

Governor W. C. C. Claiborne, as Governor of Louisiana, 1803-1810. 

Acting Governor Cato West, 1803-1805. 

Governor Robert Williams. 1805-1809. 


AFFAIRS, 1803-1808. 

Acting Governor Thomas H. Williams, ISOti. 
Actin.c: Governor Cov.-les •^^cad, 1800-1807. 
Governor David Hr.lmes, 1800-1815. 


Governor David Hohnes. 1817-1820. 
Governor George Poindexter. 1820-1822. 
Governor Walter Leake, 1822-1 S25. 
Governor Gerard C Brandon, 1825-182'). 
Governor David Holmes, 182t]. 
Governor Gerard C. P.randon. 1820-1832. 

■ 26 

Beginning with 1S32 there is a break of eight years, covering 
the administrations of Governors Scott, Lynch, Runnels, Quit- 
man and Lynch. These journals were destroyed when the 
archives of the old Capitol were deposited on the floor of one of 
the rooms of the old penitentiary. It is fortunate, however, 
that the correspondence to the Governors, during this period, 
from 1S32 to 1S40, has been preserved and is quite voluminous. 

_ Governor A. G. McNutt, 183S-1S42. 
' Governor T. M. Tucker, 1 842-1844. 

Governor A. G. Brown, 1S44-1S4S. 

Governor J. W. Matthews. 1848-1850. 

Governor John A. Quitman, 1850-1851. 

Acting Governor John L Guion, 1851. 

Acting Governor James Whitfield, 1851-1S52. 

Governor Henry S. Foote, 1852-1854. 

Acting Governor John J. Pettus, 1854. 

Governor John J. McRae, 1854-1S57. 

Governor William Mc Willie, 1857-1859. • 

Governor John J. Pettus, ]859-18(>3. 

Governor Charles Clark, 1803-1805. 

Governor B. G. Humphreys, 1805-1 SOS. ■ ~ 

Governor Adelbert Ames, 1808-1870. 

Governor J. L. Akorn. 1870-1871. 

Governor R. C. Powers, 1871-1874. 

Governor Adelbert Ames, 1874-1870. 

Governor John M. Stone, 1876-1882. 

The executive journals of Governors Lowry, Stone, McLaurin, Lon- 
gino and Vardaman art- yet on tile in the oftice of the Governor. 


House Journals of 1803, 1804. 1813, 1814, 1815. 
Council Journals of iMh, 1815, ISltj. 


House Journals of 1817, ISl'.K 1S21, 1S22. 1823., 1820. 1S20. 
Senate Jounuils of IS 19, 1S20, 1822, l.s23. 1829, IS-'JO, 1870. 


ConstiLutions of iM7, 1S32, iStiO. 1890. 


First Territorial Laws 1799. 1800. 

All the above records m the original manuscript liave been 
arranged and bound during the past year. 


Rules Governing the Placing of Portraits in the Hall of Fame. 

There has been some confusion in the public mind about the 
rules by which the portrait committee has been guided in placing 
portraits in the State's Hall of Fame, and, in order that there 
may be no future misunderstanding, the following rules and 
regulations are suggested for adoption by the Board: 

1. There shall be appointed from the membership of the 
Board of Trustees of the Department of Archives and History, 
by the President of said Board, a portrait committee to consist 
of five members, two of whom shall be the President of the Board 
of Trustees and the Director of the said Department. This 
committee shall serve for six years, and shall have exciusi\ e 
jurisdiction in all matters concerning the placing of portraits 
in the Mississippi Hall of Fame. 

2. That only portraits in oil, of the distinguished men of 
Mississippi; paintings illustrating the life and history of the 
State, or portraits and paintings presented by the citizens of the 
State, or former citizens being in other States, shall be accepted 
by the portrait committee. 

3. That portraits shall be received only when there has been a 
written invitation from the portrait committee, expressing the 
wish that the portrait of the individual named in the invitation 
be placed in the State's Hall of Fame. 

4. That it shall be necessary before a portrait is placed in the 
Hall of Fame that it shall receive the approval of all m.cmbers 
of the portrait committee. 

5. That where portraits are purchased by the Department of 
Archives and History, the citizens to be honored shall be se- 
lected by the unanimous vote of the portrait committee before 
the order is placed. 

Visit to IVasJiijigton. 

In the pre^j)araLion of tlie miHtary hislory of Mississippi! which 
will appear in the 1908 edition of the Ol'ticial and Statistical 
Register of the State, I found it necessary to \-isit Washington 
for the purpose of examining the military records of the Govern- 
ment, whi(-h are on tile in the War Department, the Liljrary of 
Congress and the Pension Otlice. These sources of information 

have never been printed and can only be examined in the origi- 

I also made some inquiries into the progress being made on the 
Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men in the Union and Confederate 
Armies, 1S(31-1SG5, which is being compiled by the War Depart- 
ment. It ^vill be recalled that the compilation was authorized 
at the instance of this Department. It has always been a subject 
of special interest, and the progress of the work has been care- 
fully followed. The work of compilation has been in progress 
four years; hundreds of men have been engaged in it, but there 
seems to be little hope that the actual v/ork of ptiblication will 
be undertaken very soon. The delav is somicwhat disappointing 
to Confederate veterans, and to the people of the South generally. 

The States are powerless to act for the reason that their 
records are incomiplete. The War Department has accepted 
the aid of the States in making its record complete, and now 
declines to either allow copies to be furnished from its records, 
or to allow a duly accredited representative of the State to 
examine its rolls for historical purposes. In this connection, I 
give below the correspondence between Gen. F. C. Ainsworth. 
the Adjutant-General, and myself, which clearly indicates the 
policy of that official. If the policy adopted is allowed to stand 
it effecutally bottles up and seals the records of the Department 
from those who are most interested in them. 

On April 17, 1907, I wrote to Gen. Ainsworth requesting that 
the Departnient of Archives and History be furnished with 
rosters of Mississippi troops at the battle of Xew Orleans, in the 
war with Mexico, and in the Creek War of 1813, also a roster of 
Mississippi officers ludow the grade of Colonel in the Civil War. 
I proposed to pay all necessary charges for the work. A copy 
of that letter v/as not retained in the offiice. but the above is an 
accurate statement of tbe requests contained therein. 

In answer to that letter, Gen. Ainsworth replied as follows: 

War DHPART.MfiXT. TiiK Adjctant-Gkni: KAi.'s Okiice, 

W'ashint.ton, Apnl 'JO, \W7. 
Hon'. Dcnbar Rowland, Dir^'ctor Do{-artiiKMU cf Archives and History. 
Jackson, Miss. : 

My Dear Sir: In response to your k^ter of ihe ITth, m which 
you express the ck-sire to obtain rosters o\ Missis'^ippi troop'^ at the Iwttle 


of New Orleans, in the war with Mexico, and in the Creek War of 1813, 
also a roster of Mississippi officers below the grade of Colonel in the Civil 
War, I regret to say that your wish cannot be complied with. All of 
the available force of the clerical department is constantly employed in 
compiling the roster of the officers and enlisted men of the Union and 
Confederate Armies, which, upon its completion and publication, will 
afford you the information that you desire with regard to Confederate 
officers of the Civil War. It would seriously delay this great work to 
divert any portion of the force engaged upon it to the work of compiling 
other rosters of any kind for State or individual use, and the injurious 
effect of such delay would in no wise be compensated for by the addi- 
tional work being paid for by those desiring it. The Department cannot 
permit any one except those in its own employ and legally subject to its 
control to handle or have access to the badly decayed records of the old 
w^ars. I think that upon reflection you will agree with me that it is both 
wise and necessary to enforce strictly the Department's rule that nothing 
shall be permitted to interfere with its efforts to complete as speedily as 
possible the Union and Confederate roster. 

Good progress has been made in carding the Mississippi rolls of the 
Civil War period, but this work cannot be regarded as completed for 
Mississippi or any other State until the many scattered Union records 
that afford important information relative to Confederate offi.ccrs and 
enlisted men shall have l)een carded. 

Very respectfully, 

(Signed) F. C. Ainsworth. 

The Adjutant-General. 

The reply of the Department to that letter follows: 

Departmext of Archives .\xd History, 

Jackson', Miss., A]>ril 25, I'JOT. 
Gex. F. C. Ainsworth, Adjutant-General, Washington, D. C; 

My Dear General Ainsijorth: I have received your letter of April 2()th. 
in the matter of my application for certain data in your Department 
C(jncerning Mississu-'pi soldiers at the Ivattlc i,--!-" New Orleans, in the war 
with Mexico, in the Creek War of 181.3, and in the Civil War. 1 regret 
very much that owing to the urgency of the work on the "Raster ni 
Officers and Kidisted Men in the Uin(MT and C^ -.'^.federate Armies"' tliaf 
you cannot ha\'e this work done for me by an crnT<K>\-o (^f your oiVu-e. and 
I beg leave to suggest that, in view of the \'ery great importance c'f tlicse 
rolls to the State of Mississiiipi, some [)lan miid-it be ngrcrd up. m l)v 
whicii you might give me access to the cards fnMii which i iie desired 
data could be collected. I shall be in AVashington for about two weeks 
during the latter part of May. when I could have pergonal charge of the 

I feel sure thnt }« u w ill oiTcr me every facility in vcuir power to enable 
me to bring this v.^rk to a successful conclusion. The Legislature of 


Mississippi has directed this Department to prepare and pubhsh histor- 
ical sketches of the Mississ-ippi Regiments in the above mentioned wars, 
and the work cannot be properly done without the co-operation of the 
War Department. 

You will readily see that our object is not to encroach in any way upon 
the work which is being so thoroughly done under your supervision. In 
other words, it is our pmrpose to adopt the narrative form, which will not 
have any similarity to the histf;rical roster which you are preparing. 

I sincerely trust that, in view of our very hearty co-operations with 
you in the preparation of the Union and Confederate Roster, that you 
will extend us similar courtesies. You will likewise recall the very 
active interest which we took in the measure which resulted in your 
being authorized to prepare for pubHcation the roster upon which 
you are engaged. 

With best wishes I am 

Yours very sincerely. 

(Signed J Dunb.\r Rowland, 


In reply to the above, the following letter was received from 
Gen. Ainsworth: 

War Department, The Adjutant-Gen'eral's Office, 

Washington, April 29, 1907. 
Hon. Dunbar Rowland, Director Department of Archives and History, 

Jackson, Miss. : 

My Dear Sir: I wish I could give y<UT a favoral)le answer to your letter 
of the 2.3th instant. I ait I cannot. It is simply out of the questi*m to 
permit any one not under the control of the Department and not trained 
in the use of the card riles to have access to those (iles. The danger of 
derangement of the system and of L^ss of cnrds through misfihng or oth- 
erwise is so great that the Dc]iartnu'nt dov'S not ])ermit an\' nf its own 
employes even, except those who are trained in the use of the card hies, 
to handle the cards or to have access to them. 

I a]->preciate fulb/ th'- e. .'r:!:iend.'.!.le s-nrir in wliich von are prosecuting 
the work under \'('r.r charge, ;tnd >hall be glad t>) aid you in it so far as 
I .can do so properly, but y^ui nuist bear in mind that there arc many 
otiior States, and an ii-;';^-'" ivivd -t of h:^' .rians and historical writers 
who are engaged in precisely the same or similar lines of work, and that 
to make an exception to the rules of \ho Dei>artment in ytuir favor would 
open the door to a Jlood of appeals from oth.TS wlio would demand, and 
rightfullv, tliat similar favors sliould be shown to them. Taking this 
viiw c>{ tlie ease I tliinlc \-. -u will .!..'re<- v. n h me that it is im]iossible for 
the Department to meet your wishes in tins m.itter, and you must regard 


the decision contained in my letter of the 20th instant with regard to 
it as final. 

Very respectfully, 

(Signed) F. C. Aixsworth, 

The Adjutant-General. 

The answer of the Department to that letter follows: 

Department of Archives and History. 

Jackson, Miss., May 13, 1907. 
Gen. F. C. Ainswortii, Adjutant-General, Washington, D. C: 

My Dear Sir: I have received your letter of April 29th in response to 
my request, in behalf of the State of Mississippi, for certain historical 
data wiiich can be obtained only from the War Department. In your 
letter you say: "It is simply out of the question to permit any one. not 
under the control of the Department, and not trained in the use of the 
card tiles, to have access to those files." This decision, of course, effec- 
tually seals these records of the War Department to all historical students 
throughout the country who wish to make a personal investigation. 

In your letter of April 2Cth, upon the same subject you say, in response 
to my request that the desired data be furnished from original records by 
employees under your direction, at a proper compensation, that to detail 
a man to do the work (which any one could perform in three days) will 
"seriously delay the great work" of compiling the "Roster of Union and 
Confederate Soldiers." 

So that your rules resolve themselves into this: We will not allow you 
to have access to the historical records of the War Department, neither 
will we furnish copies of the records in our custody for historical purposes. 
Suppose the various States, when they were requested to assist the War 
Department in collecting original rolls of soldiers of the Confederate States 
Army, had informed you that they could not permit outsiders to "handle 
or have access to the badly decayed records of the old wars." Had we 
done this v/e would have treated you as you are now treating us. So it 
seems that the War Department receives aid from others without ex- 
tending similar courtesies. 

I eann(jt help contrasting the rules of the Public Record Oihce, Londc-n, 
w]\(.Te 1 was last given the freest access to all reei^rds enneerning 
Amerivan hist<;ry, witli those whicli are enf.-rced in tlie War Department. 
You inform me that "you" (I) "mu-st regard the decisio.n contained in 
m\- letit-r of \\\v 2i1lh instant as fmad." I Ih^j lea\'e to oour{ co-as1\- inform 
y(Hi that I do not regard any decision as final that de[)rives d\ily accredited 
investigators and historians of access to records, for historical purposes, 
that are in the custody of the servants of the people at Washington. 

If such rules are in force in the War De]virtment it is time {.'V the 
representatives of tlie ]H'ople to know it in order l they may have them 
changed. The Public Archives Commission of the American Historical 


Association, of which 1 am a member, will doubtless take this matter 
before the next session of Congress; at any rate it shall be heard from. 

This letter may place me out of harmony with the War Department, 
but the time will surely conic when its records will be unsealed to those 
who have a right to use them. 

Permit me to remind you that the provision under which you are now 
compiling the '"Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men of the Union and Con-' 
federate Armies" was introduced by a Mississippi Senator at my request. 
You will, doubtless, remember also the large number of original rolls 
which. have been sent to the War Department by this State, in order to 
assist you in compiling the roster. 

We have sought to be guided by the true historical spirit, which has no 
favorites, and accords justice to all. We have a right to expect the same 
use of historical materials wliich has been accorded to others; you refuse 
it, and we shall exercise the right of npnenb 

Very respectfully. 

(Signed) Dunbar Rowland, 


Archives of the Synod of Mi<sissippi of the Southern Presbyterian 

It gives me very great pleasure to report that the Synod of 
Mississippi, at its last session, passed a resolution by which this 
Def)artment was made the custodian of its valuable archives. 
These interestinc^ ecclesiastical records have been collected by 
Rev. John W. Mosley. Jr.. of Okalona. the indefatigable Secre- 
tary of the Presbyterian Hisiorical Society, and are now on file 
in the Department. 

The Department appreciates very highly this ex'idence of good 
will, which has been so generously extended by the Presbyterians 
of Mississippi, who lia\c ai'.vays been among the foremost in all 
good works. 

XiiiSf.ipir Files. 

Two hundred old .-md vahi:d'h^ nrw<T\nner files, covering a 
period of Territorial and Stale history from IS05 to 1875, have 
been bound m dural-le co\ cr.^ during the past year. The news- 
papers represented in this collection v.'cre published before the 
days of wood pulp .md are ]Tir.lcd uu good rag pa]K^r, which 
insures permaneiu }'icM.r\ atiun lur teiuuries. The Department 


now has 435 volumes of newspapers which are invaluable his- 
torical materials. These volumes are listed below: 

Mississippi Messenger, LS05-180S. . , . . .^. 

Washington Republican, 1S13-1S14. 
Natchez Weekly Chronicle. lSOS-1810. 
Natchez Areal, 182 1-1822. 
Port Gibson Correspondent, 1821. 
Baton Rouge Gazette, 1819-1823. 
Natchez Daily Courier, 1841-1861. 
Advocate and Register (Vicksburg). 1832. 
Albany (N. Y.) Argus, 1837-1841^1841-1843. 
Attala Register (Kosciusko), April-October, 1S43. 
Baltimore Sun, March 1-March 23, 1SS7. 
Brandon Republican, 1837-1838, 1874, 1S7')-187(J. 
Canton Herald, 1837-1838. 
Central Journal (Kosciusko), 1845-1846. 
Central Register, 1839-1849. 
Chicasaw Banner (Pontotoc), 1837-1838. 
Clinton Comet, 1840. 
Clinton Gazette, 1835-1837. 
Columbus Democrat, 1836-1841, 1842-1847. 
Columbus Democrat, Whig, 1843-1844. 
Comet (Jackson), 1879-1882. 

Constitution (Atlanta), unbound, 1887, 1SS8, 1891. 
Constitutionahst, 1844-1845. 
Daily American (Nashville, Tenn.), 1SS7-1S8S. 
Daily Graphic, July-December, 1887. 
Daily Graphic (New York), Janviary-June, ISSS. 
Daily Piic^t (Jackson), August-December, 1875. 
Daily Union, 1847. 
Disseminator (Brandon), 1845. 

Dollar Democrat (Oxford), January, 1841; February, 1840. 
Kvening Star (Washington^ 1887 (unl'ound). 
Freeman's Journal. 1840-3 841. 
Gainsville Advocate. April-May, 184(;. 
Guard. 1812-1846. 

Globe (Washington, D. C). KS43, 1844, 1845. 
Grand Gulf Advertiser. 1835-1839. 
■ Grenada Herald. 1S42-184">. 
Harry of the West, 1844-1846. 
Hernando Press, 1839, 18i;6-1872. 
Holly Springs Gazette. 1841, 1844-1845, 1846. 
Independent Democrat. IS12-lSi4. 

Independent Journal (Jackson), August-OctolxT, 1839. 
Jackson Daily Times, January-June. 1875. 
JefTersonian (Kosciusko). 1838. 

•■i''ft'firvHi ■i'Strfi'm - 


Kosciusko Chroni'^lc, Jnnuary-Julv, IS-'H. 

Lexington Standard, June-,\ovember. 1838. 

Liberty Advocate, 18:^7-1840. 

Louisiana Statesman. 1849. 

Louisville Mcssencjer, July, 1812, November, 1S43. 

Lynx, 1845-1840." 

Macon Herald, July, 1841, Xovoniljer, 1842. 

Macon Intelli.!:;encer, 1838-1840. ]S4l-bS42. 

Madisonian (Washington, D. C), 1840-1844. 

Madison Wi-iig Advocate, January 19-20, 1839. 

Marshall County Republican, 1838-1839. 

Mississippian (Vicksburg). 1832. 

Mississippian (Jackson), 1833-1843. 

Mississippi Advertiser. 1842-1817. 

Mississippi Daily Pilot House, 1874-187.'. 

Mississippi Democrat (\Voodviik';i. IS31, 1845-1847. 

Mississippi Free Trader (Natchez), 1835-1851. 

Mississippi Gazette, b'^33. 

Mississippi Pilot (Jackson), 1875. 

Mississippi State Gazette (Jackson), December, 1837, December, 1838. 

Natchez Courier, 1833, 1837-1843. 

Natchez Gazette, January-June. 1842. 

Natchez Semi- Weekly Cfuirier, 1850. 

National IntelHgence'r (Washin•r^•m, D. C), 1837-1841. 

New York Herald. 1887-1901. 

Old Co unt r y man , 1 833- 1 83 1 '. . 

Old Soldiers (Jackson), January-February, 1839. 

Oxford Observer, 1843- KS44. 

Pearl River Banner (MonticJlo\ bS37-1838. 

People's Press (Hernand'^). lSi'n-l8''.7, 1807-1808. 

Olney Woods Planter. 180S-18.S9. 

Port Gibson Correspondent, IN.49. 1837-1842, 1S42-1S46. 

Port Gibson Herald. 1842-1840: 

Raymond Gazcitc, 1S45-1847. 

Raymond Times, 18;)7-1S41. 

Richmond Inqinrer. !8;(i-bs4i. 

Ripley Advcrti>-r. 1 843-1 S 1*; 

Ripley Transrript, <K tv.'b'-r, l.N:)7-i-\bru.iry, 1838. 

Rodney Standard. 1837. 

Rodney T<.-1.-.'rai>h. !s;;9-] S ;.>. 

Southern Planur. i>'-,-. 

Southern Pioneer Reurter. Ks4 1. 

Southern Banner (Ih-llv Spriiv, s). Ls;>9-1841. 

Southern Reformer. IM:;-'.M'.. 

Soutiiern Star (Galla- -.n '. iv..^-ls41. 

Southron (Jack-ai'. D"^ ^ i^^bef. lM'>-jnlv. ISJS. 

Spirit f.f the Times (r..ntuloe). .Mav. is 11 -September. 1812. 

35 1737737 

True Democrat, 1S45-1S47. 
Vicksburg Daily Sentinel, 1S30, 1S43-1845. 

Vicksburg Times, April, lS73-December, 1875; January-April, 1S75. 
Washington (D. C.) Daily Union, 1850. 
Washington (D. C.) Globe, 1837. 

Weekly Clarion (Jackson), 1872; July, 1875-July, 1876; December, 
1874-November, 1877. 

Weekly Pilot (Jackson), July, lS72-July, 1837. 

WoodviUe Republican, 1826, 1848. 

Yazoo Banner, 1838-1841. 

Yazoo City W^hig, 1839-1847. 

Yazoo Democrat, 1844-1847. 

The Yazoo Democrat, 1853-1854. 

The Natchez Democrat, 1867. 

Natchez Daily Courier, 1866-1867. 

Jackson Daily News, 1860. 

Natchez Daily Democrat, 1862-1863. 

Natchez Daily Democrat, 1865-1866. 

Hinds County Gazette, 1849-1852. 

Hinds County Gazette, 1857-1866. 

Southern Standard, 1851-1853. 

Hinds County Gazette, 1852-1862. 

The Primitive Republican, 1851-1852. 

Plinds County Gazette, 1853-1856. 

The Weekly Independent, 1850-1854. 

Port Gibson Reveille. 1893-1896. 

Vicksburg Whig, 1842-1847. 

Spirit of Jefferson, 1844-1861. 

Southern Argus, 1836-1841. 

The Republican. 1S5 1-1853. 

The Daily Clarion, 1865. 

Hinds County Gazette, 1867-1869. 

Hinds Countv Gazette, 1870-1881. 

Current Dailies. 

The Times Democrat. 1902-1905. 
The Daily Picayune, 1902-1905. 
The Commercial Appeal. 1902-1905. 
Jackson Evening Xc\vs,lltO2-1905. 
Daily Clarion Ledger, 1902-1905. 
The Meridian Evening Star, 1902. 
The Daily Corinthian. 1902-1003. 
Hattiesburg Daily Progress, 1902-1903. 
The Meridian Press. 1902-1903. 
Biloxi Dailv Herald. 1902-1905. 


Vicksburg American. 1902-1904. 

The Greenville Daily Democrat. 1902-1905. 

The Natchez Daily Democrat, 1902-1905. 

Current Weeklies. 

Lawrence County Press, 1902-1005. 

The Dixie Press, 1902-1905. 

The Fayette Chronicle, 1902-1905. 

Friars Point Coahomian, 1902-1905. 

The Progress Advertiser, 1902-1'J05. 

The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, 1902-1905. 

The Port Gibson Reveille, 1902-1905. 

The Woodville Republican, 1902-1905 

The Conservative, 1902-1905. 

The Laurel Chronicle, 1902-1905. 

The Franklin Advocate. 1902-1905. 

The Columbus Weekly Despatch, 1903-1905. 

The Tupelo Journal, 1902-1905. 

Jasper County Review, 1902-1901. 

The Aberdeen Examiner, 1902-1905. 

Oxford Eagle, 1902-1904, 

Cleveland Enterprise, 11J02-1905. 

Greene County Herald. 1902-1905. 

Summit Sentinel, 1^)02- 1905. 

North Mississippi Herald. 1902-1905. 

The Port Gibson Record, 1SS7. 

The Port Gibson Reveille. 18S7. 

The Southern Hendd, l»'02-l'.t05. 

The Carthagenian. I'.i02- i '.'05. 

The Weekly P.-inoliaa. I'.ni2-l'.i05. 

The Seacoast Echo, 1902-1005. 

The Leader, 1902-1905. 

The Free Press, 1002-1005. 

The Ulica Herald. I!'m;;-1oo1. 

The Quitman (}uill. lOitj-loO,). 

Simpson County News. 10't2-i005. 

The Star Ledger. ! 0(i2- 1 '.'O.". 

Okolona Messenger, looi!- 1 '.".t5. 

The Senatobia Democrat. I"it2-1905. 

The Calhoun Mouit-r, 1 "-m.!- i !'(i - 

The Democratic Her.dd. 1 '.-tij- l'..o5. 

The CotTeevillc Courier. i002- I'.'OiJ. 

The Aberdeen U\vklv, 10o_>-1004. 

The Columl)us Coiimuni.d. 1002-1'.>05. 

The Kemper Her;ild. IvoJ- 1 005. 

The MtCombCUy Knti rj .ri-,c. I'.'OJ- I'.Mt.",. 

The Ha/lcluu-:>t C-urirr. 1 '.M2- 1 '.*05. 


The Okolona Smi, 1002-1905. 

The Grenada Sentinel, 1902-190o. 

The Yazoo City Herald, 1902-1905. 

The Durant News, 1902-1-905. 

The Lincoln County Times, 1902-1905. 

The Pearl River News, 1902-1903. 

The Brandon News, 1902-1905. 

Clarksdale Banner. 1902-1905. 

Magnolia Gazette, 1902-1905. 

The Weekly Picket, 1002-1905. 

The West Point Leader, 1902-1905. 

The South, 1902-1905. 

The Winona Democrat, 1902-1903. 

The Times-Promoter, 1902-1905. 

The Delta Democrat 1902 -1905 

The Canton Times, 1902-1904. 

The Baptist, 1902-1905. 

The New Standard, 1902-1903. 

Water Valley Progress, 1902-1905. 

Starkville News, 1902-1905. 

The Southern Reporter, 1902-1905. 

The Indianola Enterprise, 1902-1903. 

It will be noted that no volumes of newspapers appear in the 
above list of date later than 1905. The collections of papers 
made since that time are still unbound. It takes a weekly paper 
about three years to make a volume, and the custom of the De- 
partment is to have current papers bound every three years. 
We shall have about two hundred volumes ready for the bindery 
next year. 

Mississippi PampJiIcts. 

The Department has been collecting valuable Mississippi 
pamphlets for five years, and the collection has assumed such 
proportions as to justify binding. These valuable historical 
materials haA'c been bound in thirty-fu'c vohuncs. and relate 
to subjects of the first importance to Mississippi history, cox'ering 
a period of time from ISIO to 190o. In order that students may 
know the titles of the collection they are listed as follows: 

Speeches and Addresses. 
Speech on the bill for the relief of Jefferson C(^llogc. J. F II. Cl:;il>ornc, 


Candid .\ppeal to the American People, Jolm II. Eaton, 1S31. 


The Political Register, 1S33. 

Address oi Robert J. Walker, Esq., on the alleged frauds in sales of 
public lands at Chocchuma, Mississippi, 1S34. 

Biographical sketch of the Hon. George Poindexter, 1S35. 

Speech of Mr. Claiborne of Mississippi on the motion to arrest Reuben 
M. Whitney, Iiisq., of Washington City, for alleged contempt, 1S37. 

An oration CiU national independence on the Fourth of July, 1S37, at 
Port Gibson. Miss., by :\[ann Eutlor, 1837. 

Oration delivered before the Natchez Guards, February 22, 183S, by 
H. D. Mandeville, Jr., Esq. 

Address before the several lodges of the Independent Order of Odd 
Fellows of the City of Natchez by F. L. Clailjorne, Esq., 1S42. 

•Memorial of J. F. H. Claiborne on the ChoctaAv Indians, 1844. 

Speeches of Patrick W. Thompkins on the President's messages, in the 
House of Reprci^entalives, January 10 and Mar^h 14, 1S43. 

Eulogy on the life and services of Henry Clay, delivered in ;h:^ hall of 
the House oi Representatives (Jackson, Miss.), October 11, 18.32. by 
Alexander K. ^.IcClung, Esq., published by order of the Legislaiure, 1852. 

Obituary addresses on the announcement of the death of Hon. John A. 
Quitman of Mississippi, in the Flouse of Representatives, January 5, 1859. 

The South, Her Position and Duty, a discourse delivered at the ^^letlio- 
dist Church, Natchez, Miss., January 4, ISGl, by Rev. W. H. Watkins, 
D. D. 

Inaugural message of Hon. Bcnj. A. Lee, Mayor of the city of Vicks- 
burg, Septeml-'cr 3. 1S72. 

Speech of Hen. Charles E. Furlong, Senator from AVarren Count}-, 
delivered in the Senate of Mississippi, at the called session of the Legis- 
lature on Friday, December 18. 1S74. 

The Intluencc of Alcohol, by Wm. II. Compton, }il. D., Superintendent 
Mississippi State Eunatie As\-lum. 

Lynch vs. Chalmers, icstimon^v' in contested election case from the 
Sixth Congressional District of -Mississippi, ISSl. with briefs of counsel. 

Dr. T. T. Bcall of Vicksburg arraigns the State Medical Association, 

Speech of Hon. J. Z. George .^f Mississippi in the Senate of the United 
States December 31. 1890. January 19 and 20, 1891. in defense of the 
Mississippi Constitution, 1S91. 

Panama Canal Troatv, speech r,f Hon. H. D. Money c^f Mississipi>i in the 
Senate of the United States. February 20, 1004. 

Remarks of Hon. John S. Williams, of Mississippi, in the House of 
Rcpre-entativrs. ]:\r.\\?.ry :-.l. l'.br".:iry 4 and l^ 10()3. 

Address of W. W. F-ote. Esq.. l)i-fore Hurlbut Post, No. 127. G. A. R., 
delivered at Bakcrsiirld. Kern County, Caliloniia. on May 30. lOO:".. 

Some Phases of Medical E-iucation. read before the Mississippi State 
Medical As.sociation, 1005, bv Dr. P. W. Rowl.ind. 

Railroad R:\ic I^i'l, SjH.cch of lhn\. John S. Williams, of Mississippi. 
m the House of Representatives. February 7. lOOt). 



Minutes Mississippi Bar Association, 1SS6, 1SS7, ISSS, ISSO, ISOO, 1891, 


Minutes Mississippi Bankers' Association, 1891, 1893, 1894. 189-3, 1896, 
1897, 1898, 1899, 1900. 


Report of Alex. H. Arthur, Commissioner, to Governor McVrillie, on 
the two and three per cent trust funds and Graves' defalcation, 1853. 

Standing rules and orders of the Senate and House of Rrcpresentatives 
of Liic State of iviississippji, ISoo. 

Constitution of the United Siates, vith amcjidnients. and the Consti- 
tution of the State of 3Jissi.^sippi, adopied in Convention loth day of 
May, A. D. ISGS. and ratified by the people 1st day of December, A. D. 

A manual of the lav.-s established and governing the courts of the State 
of Mississippi as organized in 1870. 

Annual message of Governor Jas. L. Alcorn to the Mississippi Legis- 
lature, session of 1871. 

Charter and revised ordinances of the city of Jackson, to vhich is 
added an appendix, com^.-iled by Oliver Chiton, 1874. 

Annual report of the Levee Beard. District No. 1. for the year 1874. , 

The pocket veto of the Barry Railroad Bill. A review of tlie arguments 
of the friends of the measure and the strictures of the press, particularly 
of the elaborate legal argument, of the "Clarion," by J. M. Stone, Gov- 
ernor of Missisippi, 1879. 

Biennial message of Governor J. M. Stone. 1880. 

Proceedings of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen ot the city of Jack- 
son, 1882. 

Book of instructions for the guidance of carriers in making annual 
reports to the Railroad Commission of the State ot Mississippi. 1889. 

Rules of the House of Representatives of the. State of Mississippi, 1892. 

Rules and Regulations of the Constitutional Convention of Mississippi, 

Rules of the House of Representatives. 190(t. 

Report of the State House Commission, 1992. 

Report '>f the Inve,^' i :atiT\g 0"'in.mittee app^iuied by the b^. .-i^ lature 
of the State of Mississippi to investigate the affairs of the Board of Con- 
trol. 1902. 

Registration and election laws of the State c)f Mississippi and primnry 
election law of 1902. and opinions of th<^ St'.-remo Court. 1002. 

Journal of the Mississippi House of lleiircscat.itivcs. IS:;.'). 

Notes on the Revised. Code, 183(). 


Standing rules and regulations of the Senate and House of Representa- 
tives, State of Mississippi, 1SG3. 

Ordinances passed by the President and Trustees of the town of Wash- 
ington, and Act of Incorporation, 1S41. 

Laws novv- in force regulating the Mississippi Militia, 1845. 

Message of Governor A. G. Brown, 1S4S. 

Message of Governor H. S. Foote, 1S54. 

Message of Governor William ^IcWillie, 1S5S. 

Laws of the State of Mississippi, 1S57. 


The Citizen of Zion, by Ilev. Win. Winans. D. D., 1857. 

The Life and Works of Col. Henry Hughes, a funeral sermon by Rev, 
W. D. Moore. ISikS. 

Memorial of a Greater Century's Pastorate, by Rev. Joseph B. Stratton, 
D. D., lSo9. 

Methodism, its Providential Origin and Progress, an address delivered 
at the Crystal Springs Camp Grounds, August 27, 1877, by Rev. Chas. B. 

Historical Sketch of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church of 
Bethany, Lee County, Miss., by Rev. Samuel A. Agnew, ISSl. 

The Colored Race Weighed in the Balance, by Rev. C. K. Marshall, 
D. D., 1883. 

In Memoriam of Thos. J. Harper, M. D., by C. K. Marshall, D. D. 

The Negro; as He Was, or He Is, as He Will Be, by H. S. Fulkerson, 

Esther, the Latter Day Queen of the United States, by John Tatum, 

Moses, a Type of the Pro-slavery, L^nited States of North America, by 
John Tatum, \S\r2. 

The Rev. C. K. Marshall, D. D., by Charles B. Galloway, 1891. 

Journal of the Seventy-fifth Annual Covmcil of the Diocese of Missis- 
sippi, held m St. Andrews Church. Jackson. April 22. 23, 24, 1902. 

Proceedings of the Sixty-fourth Session of the Mississippi Baptist 
Convention at Water Valley.' Miss., July 11-14. 19(^2. 

Record of the Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Annual Convention of 
the Mississij^pi Sunday-sch(~.ol Association, held at Canton. April 28-30. 

Proceedings of the Sixty-seventh Session of the Mississippi Baptist 
State Convention, hold at Tupelo. Jub- 5-7, 19(»'. 

The Diocesan School, by iiishop Then<l. ^re Dulv>.sf Bratton. 1900. 

A Record of Missionary Meetings held in the Cliahta and Chickasa 
Nations, 182.5-1S3S. 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Thir<l .\Tmual Convention of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church in the Di'H-cso o! .Mississippi, held May 7, 
1828, in Christ Church, JeiTersr)n County. 


Tlie second report o& the Board of Trustees of the Protestant Episcopal 
Society for the advancement of Christianity in Mississippi, 1S29. 

Discourse on the value and importance of a learned and efficient min- 
istry, delivered before the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church in the Diocese of Mississippi, on May G, 1S29, in St. Paul's Church, 

Sermon on tlie Evidences of Christianity, delivered by request at 
Woodville, Miss., 1839, by Rev. W. Winans. 

Substance of a funeral sermon on occasion of the death of Simeon 
Gibson and his infant grandchild, delivered at the Pine Ridge Church, 
Miss.. July 22, 1S40, by Rev. Wm. Winans. 

The substance of a discourse on our political advantages, delivered at 
Midway, Miss., on the 4th of July, 1S40, by Rev. William Winans. 

The Conspiracy Exposed and Rev. S. S. Lattimore Unmasked, by A. 
Neui:on. 1S41 

Three Discourses of the True Church of Christ and the Apostolic Suc- 
cession in answer to the discourses of the Right Rev. Jones Henry Otey, 
D. D., Bishop of Tennessee, by Rev. S. W. Spencer, pastor of the M. E. 
Church, Natchez, 1843. 

The Divine Origin and Unbroken Transmission of Ministerial Authority. 
a sermon preached in St. Andrews Church, Jackson, Mis?., February 8, 
1852, by Rt. Rev. William M. Green. 

Report of Rev. C. K. ^Marshall of Mississippi to the Commercial Con- 
vention of 1855, on Southern school books and education. 

The End of the Apostolic Succession, a debate between George S 
Yerger and Wm. C. Smedes, Esqr., editors of the Church Herald, Vicks- 
burg, and Rev. A. Abbey, 1854. 

The Church and the T^Iinistry, an inquiry into the forms of Christianity 
and Apostolic Succession, by William S. Grayson. 

The Claims of Philanthropy, an address by Rev. C. K. Marshall, A. M.. 
delivered at Centenary College, July 30, 1850. 


Joseph E. Davis vs. Thomas Freeland. brief of H. J. Harris, attorney 
for appellant. 

J. A. Vande Velde ot al vs. The City of Xatchez, brief of Ralph 
North, of counsel for appellee, 1858. 

The State of Mississippi vs. Andrew John.son. President, etc.. et al.. 
brief of W. L. Sharkey and R. J. Walker, counsel for complainant. 
5^ Lectures delivered by Hon. R. A. Hill to tlie law class of the rtMVir>^it y 
of .Mississippi, session 1877-78. 

J. W. McLean et al. vs. M. M. Litchfr.rd. et al. 


FieM Notes of the State of .Mississippi 

Topography of the State of Mississippi, by Henry Vose. 1835. 

History of Banking in Mississippi, by R. \V. j.Iillsnps. 

Proceedings of Vicksburg, Siireveport and Texas Railroad Convention, 

Charter of the Mississippi Central Railroad Company. 

Report of the Southern Railroad Company, being the report of a com- 
mittee appointed by tlie citizens of Vicksburg to obtain a charter from 
the Legislature of Alabaina and }.Iississippi, together with the docu- 
ments accompanying the same, 184-5. 

Rules and Regulations of the Gulf &: Ship Island Railroad Company, 
adopted April 15, 1S59. 

Report of present and ex-levce commissioners of Bolivar County, 
Mississippi, and address to the citizen^^ tliereof, 18G0. 

Annual report of the President and Directors r,f the ?vlississippi Cetitral 
Railroad Company to t-he stockholders for tlie year ending August 31, 

Report of the Southern Railroad Company to its stockholders. 1S60. 

Annual Report of the President and Directors of the j-lississippi Central 
Railroad Company for the year ending August 31, 1SG7. 

Letters descriptive of tlie climate, sr^il and resources of Central ^Missis- 
sippi and of the countr\' adjacent to the New Orleans, St. Louis & 
Chicago Pvailroad, compiled by .M. I). Ililh-nrd, ISTO. 

Report of the Mississippi S:ate Board of Centennial -\[anagers,. includ- 
ing the historical address of Gen. A. M. West, and letter from Lion. 
J. F. H. Ciaiboime, dcserirtive of tlie pine region in Mississippi. 1877. 

The opinions of the Lnhcrs ur on tiie ];o\vcr and duty of the general 
government to make internal imnrox'cmeuts. Collated by Lion. J. R. 
Chalmers, of Mississij^pi, to encourage aid for ihe Mississippi levees and 
the Texas & Pacihc Railroad. 187S. 

The State of Mississippi, ReS(;urces, Cond;icior,s and Wants. Com- 
piled and arranged by or>ier of vivo State B<:ard of Lnmigration, by E. G. 
Wall, Commissioner, 187'.'. 

Mississippi, its Climate. Suil, Productions and Agricultural Capabili- 
ties, by A. B. Hurt, iSSb 

Biennial P.cport of tii'- Co.t^t^-^isxjoncr (.f Immdgration and Agriculture 
for the years 18sj-v;:, Is^b 

In and Abov.t Vieksbun:, ;in i1lr,.^trated '_:iii'-le book to the city of 
Vicksburg, Mi;sissi;y i. ]^:H•. 

For the Ma;^ L' -ia:;" .-^ mio-ard i- ra Ib.nie, Facts and Figures About 
Wilkinson Ci)unt.y. m: ' . b^' " 

ConstitUcion of che v-uli S:..i'-" .F'^oy t\ifdo Breeders' Association. . 

Missi^si- pi .Nerie;:!' "r-d ar.d Nb-. !• "u. ,il (",,1!.--e Kxperin^cnt Station, 
Bulletn: No. -7, I^''-''^- 

The Ten Btst St.iU'^ <:" .\,i.i f- r A'-ri. viburc. Horticulture and 
General Industry traver.-e-l '•>• \hv Hik'.-.-..^. Cer.tral Railroad. 1803. 

Mississippi as ii i-. -'^ ^' ■• ••' -'u « : b,., i>- f. .r Immigrants, prepared 
l)y S. M. Tr..ey, ]n""'. 

('ontaiMous ^n\'\ bbti:c.> 1>;- .t-'^. Flu ir ^^binagomcnv since Jan- 
uary 1 ," P'OO. in MroM- ai; n B;. )l A (b.::-,M D . atid J. F Hunter. M I). 


Geology and Cement Resources of the Tombigbee River, Mississippi, 
Alabama; Senate Document Xo. 1C5, Fifty-eighth Congress, third session. 

Mississippi Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin Xo. SO. The 
Underground Waters of Mississippi. A Preliminary report by W. X'. 
Logan and W. R. Perkms, 1905. 


Biennial reports of the A. and M. College of -viississippi icr 1SS3, ISSS, 
1889, 1890, 1S91, 1892-93, 1894-96, 1896-98, 1898-99, 1900, TOOi. 


Mississippi University 3,Iagazine, Vol. 1, X'o. 1, April, 1S57. 

!\Iississippi University Aiagazme. Vol. i, Xo. o, June, l^oT. 

The Phi Sigma Magazine, Vol. 2, X'o. 5, Febt-urry. 1857. 

Record of the testimonv and proceedings in the m.atter of the inves- 
tigation by the Trustees of the University of Mississippi on the 1st and 
2d of ^larch, 1800, of the charges made by H. R. Branham against the 
Chancellor of the University, 1860. 

Catalogue of the University of Mississippi, seventeenth session, ISOS- 

All the lav/s and public resolutions in relation to the University of 
Mississippi, compiled by H. M. Sullivan, Esq., 1879. 

A biographical slvctch of Chancellor F. A. P. Barnard, by John W. 
Johnson, lS9(b 

A biographical sketch of Chancellor A. B. Longstreet, by Jolin \^ . 
Johnson, 1890. 

Biennial report of the Trustees of the University of I^^Iississippi. 1809- 
1900 and 1901. 

The rvlajesty of the Law, an address deliv(,-red i)Lfnre the Lhnversity of 
Mississippi June 5, 1900, by Charlton H. Alexander, A. M., LL.D. 

The University of Mississippi Magazine, Vol. 24, Xo. 7. A]Til. 1001; 
Vol. 25, Xo. 1, October, 1001; Vol. 25. Xo. 2, Xnvember. I'.'Ol : V-1. 
25, Xo. 4, January, 1002; Vol. 25. Xo. 5, FclM--;.rv. 1!mi2; V.l. 2.-. X>>; 
1, October, 1902', Vol. 26, Xo. 4, Fcljruary lOOo; Vol. 20. Xo. 5, :/Larch. 

Address delivered before the University oi Mi^si.-sippi b>- H-n. A. J. 
Russell, June 3, 1002. 

Announcement and Catalogue of the University of Miss^s^ij'pi. lifty- 
first S'.ssion, 10f)2-b.'no. 

Universitv of Missssippi, The Fanny J. Riiks Summer Tern\; Bulletm 
of the University, 1903. 

University of .Mississippi, Department of Medicine, 1004. 

Universitv of Mississipjii, a review of the actions r^i {he Trustees in 
the trial of Chancellor F .\. P. h^.irnard and a Defense of t'ne Prosecutor, 
by H. R. Branham. 180(1. 



Mississippi Code of 1S92 as submitted by the Commissioners, being 
the printed copy preserved by R. E. Wilson. Clerk of the House. 


Political and Parliamentary Orators and Oratory of Mississippi, by 
Dunbar Rowland. 

T. A. S. Adams, Poet, Educator and Pulpit Orator, by Dabney Lips- 

Mississippi's Constitution and Statutes in reference to the Freedmen 
and their alleged relation to the reconstruction acts and war amend- 
ments, by Alfred Holt Stone. 

Sherman's ?>leridian Expedition from Vicksburg to Meridian, Feb- 
ruary 3, to March 6, 1S04, by Stephen D. Lcc. 

The Campaigns of Generals Grant and Sherman against Vicksburg in 
December, 1802, and January 1 and 2. iSG3, known as the Chickasaw 
Bayou Campaign, by Stephen D. Lee. 

Extinct Towns and Villages of Mississippi, by Franklin L. Riley. 

Mississippi's First Constitution and its Ma.kers, by Dunbar Rowland. 

Proceedings connected with laying the comer-stone of Mississippi's 
New State House in the city of Jackson on June 3, 1903. 

The German Judiciary, by James Wilford Garner, Ph.D., 1903. 

The ]\Iotives and Aims of the Soldiers of the South in the Civil War, 
oration delivered before the United Confederate Veterans at their Four- 
teenth Annual Reunion at Nashville. Tenn., June 14, 1904, by Randolph 
Harrison McKim. D. D., LL.D. 

Speech of acceptance of portrait of Jefferson Davis, by Dunbar Row- 

■ The Mississippi plan for preser\'ation of State Archives, an address 
delivered by invitation before the General Assembly of Tennessee and 
the Tennessee Hi.storical Society, January 10, 1905, by Dunbar Rowland. 


Laws of the State of Mississippi, 1801-0,"). 
Mississippi Senate Journal, 18()4. 

p:dl'Cation'al p.^.st fmu.i-ms. 

Report of the CominUtfC on Rural Sciiools to tlie Mississ^ippi To. ichors' 
Association, ]\'ir2. 

Inaugural Address delivered by Charles L. Dubisson. A. M., President 
of Jefferson College. July (i. 183.1. 

The Charter and Statutes of Jeflerson College, with a historical sketch 
of the Institution from its cslabli.-hmont to the prt>sent time. ISM. 

Catalogue of the Tru.^tees. Faculty and Stu<lents of Sharon Female 
College, 1843-1844. 


An address delivered at his inauguration to the Presidency of Missis- 
sippi College, July 30, 1846, by Rev. Simeon Colton, D. D. 

Third Annual Report of the Board of Visitors of the Natchez Institute, 

An address delivered before the students of Jefferson College by Prof. 
R. D. Hamilton at Commencement, July 25, 18-55. 

Rules and Regulations of the Vicksburg Public Schools, 1849. 

An address on Southern Education, delivered July IS, 1859, before the 
Faculty, Trustees, Students and Patrons of Madison College, Sharon, 
Miss., by Albert G. Brown. 

An address delivered before the Franklin Institute and Union Literary 
Societies of Centenary College, Louisiana, on Tuesday, July 27, 1862, by 
Henry S. Foote, Governor of the State of Mississippi. 

List of Officers and Teachers of the Colleges and Public Schools of 
Mississippi, 1904. 

Address delivered before the officers, students and teachers of Jefferson 
College, July 20,' 1876, by Joseph D. Shields. 

Memorial of the Trustees of the Peabody Education Fund to the 
Mississippi Legislature for the payment of Mississippi bonds. 

Preparatory schools in Mississippi, by J. K.' Morrison. 

Our Public Schools, a report by M. E. Fritz, Chairman of a Committee 
elected by the County Alliance to inquire into the status of our public 
schools, 1891. 

Fourteenth Annual Catalogue of Lea Female College, Summit. Missis- 
sippi, 1891. 

The Mississippi Teacher, volume 1, No. 2, May, 1897. 

History of Higher Education in Mississippi, by Edward Mayes, LL. D., 


Mississippi Almanacs for 1815. 1818, 1821, 1S22. 1823, 1824, 1825, 1826, 
1827, 1828, 1829. 1831. 1832, 1833, 1834, 1835. 1836. 1837. 

Political PaiiipJdcts. 

Report of the Committee of Claims on the petition of John Slocle, late 
Secretary of the Mississippi Territory. 1804. 

Letters, s;:.:nrd Castigator. ].ublisho(l in the Washington Republican 
and addressed to Hon. George Pomdexter. IS 10. 

Documents accompanying the message of the President of the United 
States to both Ihmscs at the opening < f the Sc.Tnli entii Con,i.;rv-s, 1S21. 

An open letter to the public by \V. P. Harris, in answer to letter of 
Thos. B. Reed. Esq.. 1821. 

Chronicles of the Fire Eaters, by Andrew Harjier df Brandon. Miss. 


Articles of Association and Agreement of the N"rw England Mississ>['pi 

Land Company. 180 L 


Proceedings of the Board of Choctaw Commissioners, with Col. Clai- 
borne's statement. 1843. 

Richard S. Graves to the People of Mississippi, 1S42. 

Speech of Mr. Claibonie of ^Mississippi on the motion to arrest Reuben 
M. Whitney, Esq., for an alleged contempt, 1S37. 

Speech of Mr. Gholson of ^lississippi on the motion to arrest Reuben M. 
Whitney, Esq.. for an alleged contempt, 1S37. 

General Orders from headquarters, Departmicnt of the Gulf, issued by 
Major-Gen eral B. F. Butler, 1SG2. 

Our National Finances, letter of Hon. Robert J. Walker, Ex-Secretary 
of the Treasury, 1S67. 

Opinions of the press and of eminent public men on the importance of 
our mineral resources and the advantages to be derived from the estab- 
lishment of a national school of mines, 1SG8. 

Speech of Flon. Amos R. Johnston at Sardis, Miss., October 13, 1S69, 
Alcorn's Record. Campaign Document No. 1. 

Letter of Hon. Robt. J. Walker on the annexation of Nova Scotia and 
British America, 1S69. 

Brief outline of the life of Henry Clay, by Oliver Oldschool, 1844. 

An appeal to the friends of Texas, 1S44. 

Oregon, published by the Democratic Association of Washington. D. C. 

To the Tobacco Planters, address of the Democratic Association. 

The South in Danger, Read Before You Vote, address of the Democratic 
Association, Washington, D. C. 

The Pre-emption System, letter of the Hon. Wm. M. Gwin of Mississippi, 

Campaign Document No. 2, published and distributed by the Demo- 
cratic Conservative Executive Committee, 1875 — the Clinton Riot, a Statement. 

Trusts — Chinese Question — ^Speeches of Hon. James Z. George of 
Mississippi, in the Senate of the United States, September 12 and 13, 1883. 

The Race Problem in Politics, speech of Hon. E. C. Walthall of Mis- 
sissippi in the Senate of the United States, August 27, 1888. 

Address of J. L. Alcom, Republican candidate for Governor, to the 
people of Mississippi. 1800. 

^[{sC(^Ilancol(s Pau:pJiIc!s. 

Extracts from minutes of Mississippi Presbytery and pastoral letter 
by Rev. J. Smilie and Rc.ger Dunn, (^'mmittC(^ 18!(). 

A Concise Analysis of the English Langunge. with a Brief Appendix 
of the Nature of Metaphors by Donald Fisher. Professor of Languages in 
Jeffer.son College, Natchez. 1823. 

Truth is no Sl:mdrr. Therefore Read — Inquire — Reflect. 1827. 

An Act to Revise the Mihtia System, passed at the thirteentli session 
of the General Assembly of Mississippi, 1830. 


A Funeral Sermon on Occasion of the Death of General Samuel L. 
Winston, delivered at Washington, Mississippi, I\Iarch 11, 1832, by Rev. 
W^illiam Winans. 

The Constitution of the State of Mississippi as revised in Convention 
on the 26th day of October, 1832.- 

Proceedings of the railroad meeting held at the city of Natchez on the 
10th day of October. 1834. 

A History of the Detection, Conviction, Life and Designs of John A. 
Murel, the Great Western Land Pirate, by Virgil A.,. 1835. 

Proceedings of the citizens of Madison County, Mississippi, at Living- 
ston in July, 1835, in relation to the trial and punishment of several 
individuals implicated in a contemplated insurrection in this State. 
Prepared by Thomas Shackelford, Esq., 1836. 

Charity Superior to Knowledge, a discourse by Rev. Vv'illiam Winans, 
D. D., 1856. 

Baptismal demonstration by the Rev. R. Abbey, with an introduction 
by the Rev. J. Hamilton, D. D., 1857. 

State Liberties or the Right to American Contract Labor, by Henry 
Hughes, 1858. 

Handbook of Prohibition, by Rev. Charles B. Galloway, D. D., Chair- 
man of State Prohibition Executive Committee, 1SS6. 

Proceedings of the Physico Medical Society of New Orleans, in relation 
to the trial and expulsion of Charles A. Luzenberg, 1838. 

Speech of Robert Wyckliffe in reply to the Rev. R. J. Breckenridge, 

Obituary Addresses delivered on the occasion of the death of the Hon. 
John C. Calhoun, 1850. 

Reasons for Abjuring Allegiance to the See of Rome, a letter to the 
Earl of Shrewsbury, by Pierce Connelly, M. A., formerly rector of Trinity. 
Natchez, 1852. 

The life of General Edward Lacey. with a hst of battles and skirmishes 
in South Carolina during the revolutionary war, by M. A. Moore, M. D.. 

Principles and Maxims of the Art of War, by General G. T. Beauregard, 

Circular of the General Land Otlice, showing the manner of proceedings 
to obtain title to public lands, 1867. 

Cause and Cure of Overflow. 

Sketch of the History of Baltimore, by J. H. B. Latrobe. 

The Louisiana Commercial Almanac for 1873. 

Address of G. H. T.l'ault, M. D., Trcsidrnt of tl:e Central Executive 
Council of Tax[)ayers' Union, 1877. 

The Birthplaces of Americanism, nnnual address before the State 
Historical Society of Wisconsin, by Hon. Cli;\rles D. Robinson, 1873. 

Ol)sequies in honor ot President, JetTi-r^on Davi-.. h-ld at Augusta. Ga., 
Deceniber 11. 1880, by the Confctlcrale Survival Association. 

An address delivered before the Confederate Survival Association in 


Augusta, Ga., on Memorial Day, April 26, 1890, by Col. Charles C. Jones, 
Jr., LL. D. 

Journal Constitution Convention of 1861. 

Three Months in the Southern States, by Lieutenant-Colonel Fre- 
mantle, 1864. 

Fulkerson's Random Recollections of Early Days in Mississippi, by 
H. S. Fulkerson, ISSo. 

Besancon's Annual Register of the State of Mississippi for the Year 
1838, Volume 1 (two copies). 

Journal, Constitutional Convention of 1865. 


It only remains for me to bring to the attention of the Board 
the election of a President for a term of two years, the election 
of three Trustees for a term of six years, as successors to Chan- 
cellor R. B. Fulton, Dr. R. W. Jones and Prof. G. H. Branson, 
and the election of a Director for a term of six years, beginning 
March 15, 1908. 

Future Ditties. 

It is a source of very great gratification to the Department 1 

that it has been enabled, during the first six years of its work, to ' 

put in mxotion all the activities which v/ere contemplated in the 
original act of establishment. "While it has been a laborious 
undertaking, the Director has had through it all something more 
than the pleasure which the performance of duty always carries 
with it, and that is the unvarying support of the Board of Trus- 
tees, the Legislature, and of the public. Such support has been 
the sustaining influence in all that has been achieved. 

It is only necessary for us to bcv;are of resting on our oars. 
We are nov; in a position to do better work than ever. The trial 
period has been successfully passed. It remains for us to bend 
everv energy to meet faithfully the duties of the future. 
. Most respectfully submitted. 

Dunbar Rowl.wd. Director. 





Statement of Disbursements for the Department of Archives and His- 
tory during the tiscal year October 1, 1906, to October 1, 1007, made in 
compliance with Chapter 32, Acts 1906, as follows: 

Postage, Files, Stationery, Rebinding, Expressage and Fur- 
nishings, 1906. 

^. , Un- A^Prn- 

Payee. Aynount expended priations 

mems. ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^_ ^^ ^^^^^^ 

American Express Co $ 1 25 

Brunson, G. H 140 

Cambre Bros 233 50 

CapitalCity Variety Co 5 75 

Clark, The Arthur H. Co— . 2 70 

Eyrich & Co 76 65 

Genealogical Associption... 4 50 

Fulton, R. B_, 72 40 

Hall & Mosal 6.50 

Hedderman Bros 4 25 

Jones, R. W - 11 00 

Lee, Gen. Stephen D 12 00 

Lo\\ dermilk & Co 2 66, 

Myer, S. X..- 38 00 

Riley, F. I 14 65 

Rowland, Dr. D._ 27 50 

Stevens, B. F. & Brown ^^o t'4 

Tavlor Carpet & Furniture 

Co-- 1 ^0 

White, J. M 12 10 

S5S3 05 $223 02 SS06 97 



Files, Stationery, Rebinding, Expressage 





Oct. 1, 1907. 




Oct. 1. 1906. 

American Book Co $ 7 50 

American Express Co 20 S6 

B urro ws B ros . Co 6 20 

, Clarke, The Arthur Co 30 40 

Cooper, W. H 46 85 

Davis, A. G 12 50 

Eyrich & Co 28 95 

Farnham, Noah 5 35 

Feibleman Bros 2 25 

Glassock, H. E 35 00 

Ilall-jMosal Paiiit Cu 6 50 

Hardy, L. C 22 20 

Harper & Bros-- _■- 7 60 

Hedderman Bros 1 25 

Hunter & Johnson 100 

Interstate Pubhshing Co--_ 5 00 

Julian, J. S 3 00 

Louisiana Glass & Mirror 

Works 72 50 

Lowdermilk & Co 59 15 

Marx, A. Picture Co 60 00 

Methodist Publishing House 2 17 

Office Supply & Book Co_-_ 8 25 

Pritchard & Logan Co 45 60 

Putnam's, G. P. Sons 28 00 

Rowland, Dr. D 38 SO 

Southern Express Co 6 45 

Thompson, J. A 10 00 

Tucker Printing Co 2 75 

Director's salary: 

Dr. Dunbar Rovdand, for I'.iOO-^- 
Dr. Dunbar Rowland, lor i 9(l7 

Assistant's salary: 

-Mrs. E. O. Gregory, for 1006 

Mrs. Dunbar Rowland, for 1907- 

Director's ir.-i\"clini{ expense. 1907- _ 

Cases for preservation of Confed- 
erate flags 

Transcripts of Historical Archives 

relating to Mississippi for 190i) 

For 1907 

Oil })aintings of deceased Govcrnc^rs. 

for 1906 

For 1907.--- 

Grand totals- $6,201 AW S2.:^7:^ 1 

The above ap])n-priations are anthori/cd hv (h.iptc; 

S576 OS 

S 123 


81.000 00 

S600 00 

S<^)00 00 

1,200 00 



1.800 00 

2(''(i 70 

266 70 

553 2S 



800 00 

22." (II) 



:;oo Oi) 

98 1 00 



1.000 00 

2 1 i 7 7 5 



7m)[\ {}() 

17'.i 72 



r>(Mi 00 

44t'. (10 



r>oo 00 

342 (}{^ 



.500 00 




Abbey, Rev. A., re debate with G. 
S. Verger and Wm. C. Smedes, 
41 ; re pamphlet on Baptismal 
Demonstration, 47. 

Adams, Gen. Wirt, re portrait C)f, 

A'^mew, Rev. Samuel A., re sketch 
by, on Presbyterian Church, 40. 

Ainsworth, Gen. F. C, correspond- 
ence of, with Hon. Dunbar Row- 
land, re war records, 28-32. 

Alcorn, Gov. James L., re portrait 
of. 22; re correspondence of, 2G; 
re annual message of, 39; re 
address of, 40. 

Alexa.nder, Charlton H.. re address 
of, on Majesty of the La\^\ 43. 

Almanacs, Miss., list of, 4o. 

Ames, Gov. Adelbert, re corres- 
pondence to, 28. 

Andrews, Prof., 12. 

Appendix, 49-51. 

Archives, Cuban, 7-8. 

Archives, English. 8-9. 

Archives, French, 9-14. 

Archives, Indies, 15-10. 

Archives, Louisiana and West Flor- 
ida, 14-15-10. 

Archives, Mexico. 10. 

Archives, Spanish, 14-15. 

Archives of synod of Miss, of South- 
em Presbyterian Church, re 
placed in custody of Miss. Dept. 
of Archives, 32. 

Archivo Nacional, re Miss., La., and 
Fla. History, 7. 

Arthur, Alex. H.. re report of, to 
Gov. Mc Willie. 39. 

Baptist Convention of Miss., re 
proceedings of, 40. 

Baton Rous^e. 15. 

Beall, Dr. T. T.. re arraignment of 
State Medical Association liy, 3,8. 

Beauregard. Gen. G. T.. re pamph- 
let of on War. 47. 

BeTiiarnin, Seo. fudali P.. re rv^r- 
trait <4". 23. 

Bcsancon's Register, refer- 

• ence to. 47. 

Bibh-Lhc'iue >:a:i..n:d", 12.. 

Big Black River, IC. 

Bi'loxi, 15. 

Board of Tru^:tefs of the Depart- 
ment of Arriiives and History, 
statement of, 3-4; re mceiirg <.f, 
O.t. 23, 1900, 5-0. 

Bolton, Prof. Herbert E., 10. 
Bowles, 10. 

Brandon, Gov. Gerard C, re por- 
trait of, 24; re journal of. 25. 
Branham, H. R.. re charges of 

against Chanct-llor of the L'ni- 

versity of Miss.. 43. 
Brantley, Gen. W. F., re portrait 

of, 23. 
Bratton, Bishop Theodore Du Bose, 

re pamphlet of on the Diocesan 

School, 40. 
Brown, Gov. All)ert G.. re portrait 

of. 24; re correspondence of, 20: 

re message of, 40; re address of 

at Madison College, 45. 
Browne, Lieut Go"^* , '''' letters of to 

Secretary of State, 8-9. 
Brunson, Prof. G. H., trustee Dept. 

of Archives and History, 4-5-48. 
Burrage, Flenrv S., letter of to 

Hon. Dunbar Rowland, 21. 
Butler. Maj. Gen. B. P.. re orders 

of, 40. ' ■ 
Butler, Mann, re Fourth of July 

oration of, 38. 
Cage, Judge Harrv, re portrait of, 

Calhoun, John C. re obituary 

addresses concerning, 47. 
Callett, 10. 
Campaign Document Xo. 2. re 

pamphlet. 40. 
Campbell, Chief Justice J. A. P., 

re portrait of. 24. 
Canadian Agents, re archives of 

Paris, 10. ^ 
Carnegie Institution, 9. 
Carondelet, 8, 1(>. 
Casa Calvo. Gov.. 10.. 
Castigator. re letters of to Hon. 

George Poii'! dexter, 45. 
Chalmers. Hon. J. R., re i^a-nphlet 

of on internal improvements by 

tiic '.reneral go\-ernnKiU. 12. 
Chester, Gov., re letters ot to Sec- 
retary of St. ate, 9. 
riiic-ielKis. b".. 
Choctas, U'.. 

Choctaw Commissioners, re pro- 
ceedings i.^{ . liV 
Claiborne, Col., /(• --t.ttement of, 4r.. 
Claibonu', Mr., re speech of re 

Reul'cn M. Whitnev, 3,8, 40. 


Claiborne, F. L., re address of to 
Odd Fellows, :]S. 

Claiborne. J. F. H., re speech of for 
Jefferson College. 37; re memo- 
rial of on Choctaw Indians; re 
letter of on pine region, 42. 

Claiborne, Gov. William C. C. re 
portrait of, l24; re journal of, 25. 

Clark, Gov. Charles, re portrait of, 
22; re correspondence of, 2*). 

Clayton, Judge Alexander ]\L., re 
portrait of, 22. 

Clifton, Oliver, re compilation by 
of appendix to ordinances of city 
of Jackson, 39. 

Colton, Rev. Simeon, re inaugural 
address of, 45. 

Commission, State House, re report 
of, 39. 

Commissioner, ?vlisb., re rtport of, 

Compton. Dr. \Vm. 11., re pamphlet 
of on Influence of Alcohol, 38. 

Confederate rosters, reference to, 

' 3. 

Connelly, Pierce, re letter of re Sec 
of Rome, 47. 

Connor. R. D. W., letter of to Hon. 
Dunbar Rowland, 29. 

Constitution of Miss., reference to, 
26; re adoption of. ISGS, 39. 

Constitution of U. S.. re adoption 
of by Miss.. 1S('.9, 39 

Constitutional Convention, re rules 
of, 39; of 1801. re journal of, 47; 
of 18G5, re journal of, 47. 

Creeks, 16. 

Cuban Archives, relating to Miss. 
Hist., 7-8. 

Daughny, !»;. 

Dauphinc Island, 15. 

Davis. President JelTerS'-.n. re por- 
trait of. 23; re pamphlet on 
obseqtiies of. 47. 

Dc La Torre. \<\. 

Dc Leon. Senor Jnlio Ponce, 7. 

Department of Archives and His- 
tory, Statement of the Board of 
Trustees of, 3-4; commended bv 
departments rtf other states, 20 - 
21 ; future duties of, 48; disl)urse- 
ments of, 50-0 1 . 

Diocese d" Miss., re of 
seventy-fifth Council cL -19. 

Documents with President's Mes- 
sage of 1821. 45. 

Dubisson, Cdiarlcs L.. rr inaugural 
address of, 41. 

Dumford, Lieut, fiov.. re Irttors r.f 
to Secretarv of State. 9. 

East Florida,' re archives concern- 
ing. 7. 

Eaton. John H., re speech of, Ap- 
peal to American People, 37. 

Ecclesiastical Historv, reference to, 
7, S. 

Eckenrode, H. J., letter of to Hon. 
Dunbar Rowland. 20. 

Educational Pamphlets, 44. 45. 

Elections of Otficers, 48. 

Eliot, Gov., re letters of to Secre- 
tary i:>[ State. 8. 

Ellett, Judge Henry T., re portrait 
of, 23. 

Ellis, Senator Powhatan, re portrait 
of, 23. . . • . 

Encouragement of Historical L'n- 
dertakings in Other vStates, 

English archives, transcripts of, 
8-9; reference to, 11. 

English occupation of West l-lor- 
ida, reference to, 9, 11: re publi- 
cation of docum.entarv historv 
of, IS. 

Episcopal Church. Protestant, re 
journal of convention of, 40; 
re discourse before on the min- 
istry, 41. 

Episcopal Society. Protestant, re 
report of, 41. 

Espeleta, 16. 

Executive correspondence, 20. 

Executive journals. 25. 

Farmer, Major Robert, re military 
papers and letters of, 8. 

Field Xotes of State of ^liss.. re 
pamphlet of, 41. 

Fifth Annual Report, explanation 
of, 19. 

Financial Report. 49-51. 

Fisher, Donald, re pampiilet on 
Analysis of the English Lan- 
guage, 4(). 

Fisher, [udge E. S.. re portrait i4' 

Florida, re cession of by Spain tt^ 
United States. 7. 

r\.h-h. If.. 

Fo.>tc, Gov. Henry vS.. re j^.^rtrait 
(>(, 22; re eorrtspondence i .{ , 4(1: 
re address oi at Centenary Col- 
lege. 45. 

F> 4e, W. W., ;v a4.;rc<< ..f b.:h re 
post of G. A. R.. .-IS. 

Fort Charlotte. 15. 

Fort St. Louis, 15 

Port T(Mnl)ecbe. 15. 

I'remantle, Lient. Col., re ;\d>'ress 
of f>Ti Tliree Months ni the 
Soul hern Stales, 47. 

Frrneh Anhives. re transcription 
of. 9-14. 


Friiz. M. E., re report of on public 
schools, 45. 

Fulkerson, H. S., re pamphlet of on 
The Negro, 40; re pamphlet of 
recollections, 47. 

Fulton, Dr. Robert B., Trustee 
Dept. of Archives and History, 
4, 5, 48. 

Furlong, Hon. Charles E., re speech 
of in Miss. Senate, 38. 

Galloway, Bishop Charles B., Trus- 
tee Dept. Archives and History, 
4, 5; resolution of re tifth annual 
report, G; re address of on Meth- 
odism, 40; re pamphlet on The 
Rev. C. K. Marshall, 40; re Hand- 
book of Prohibition, 47. 

Galvez, 8, 15, 16. 

Gant & Hunter, re pamphlet of on 
Contagious and Infectious Dis- 
eases, 42. 

Gamer, James Wilford, re pamph- 
let of on The German Judiic- 
iary, 44. 

Gayoso, de Lemos, S, 1(3. 

George, Hon. J. Z., re speech of in 
U. S. Senate, 38; re speeches of 
on trusts, 46. 

Gholson, Mr., re speech re Reuben 
M. Whitney, 46. 

Governors, of Miss., re jK'rtraits of, 
21-24; re journals of. 25; re cor- 
respondence of, 26. 

Grand Pre, 1(). 

Graves, Richard S., re address of to 
People of Miss., 46. 

Grayson, William S., re pam.p>hlet 
of on The Church and the Min- 
istry, 41. 

Green, Rt. Rev. William M., re 
sermon of on Ministerial Author- 
ity, 41. 

Griffith, Gen. Richard, re portrait 
^ of, 23. 

Guion. G<".v. John I., re portrait nt. 
24; re correspondence of, 26. 

Gulf & Slii]) Island R. R. Co., re 
rules an(i regulations of. 42. 

G^^■in. Hon. Win. M., r<' letter ^A r.n 
the rre-eni|>linn System, 4('. 

Hall of Fame, re rules governing 
pkrcing of ])ortraits in, 27. 

Ib'.mil; on, Prof. i\ . ]).. /.■ ;uKir>'SS 
of at JclTerson College. 45. 

Hdrper, Andrew, re pamy)hlct of r^n 
Chronicles of the Fire Eaters, 45. 

Harris, II. J., re brief ot in Case 
Davis vs. Freel.uid, 41 . 

Harris, Gen. X. H,, re portrait '>f. 

Harris, Judge Wiley P., re [)ortrait, 
23; re open letter (.A, 45. 

Harrison, Judge James T.. re por- 
trait of, 23. 

Havana documents concerning 
Miss, history, reference to, 7, 17; 
re East Florida, 7; re Ecclesias- 
tical history, 7, 8; re La. and 
West Fla., 7, 8. 

Hill, Hon. R. A., re lectures of to 
law class, 41. 

Hillyard. .M. D., re letters of re 
countrv adjacent to the X. (.)., 
St. L. & Chicago R. R., 42. 

Historical manuscripts, .re classi- 
fying and binding of. 25. 

Historical Portraits, 21-25. 

Holder, Col. \V. D.. re portrait of, 

Holmes. Gov. David, re portrait of, 
24; re journal of, 25. 

Homochitto Pvivcr, 10. 

Houch, Louis, 17. 

House of Representatives, Miss., 
re journal of, 39. 

Hughes, Henry, re pamphlet of on 
State Liberties, 47. 

Humphreys, Gov. Benjamin G.. re- 
portrait of, 24; re correspondence 
of, 26. 

Hurt , A. B . , re pamplilet on Miss. . 42. 

Iberville River, 16. 

Illinois Central R. R.. re pamphlet 
on ten best States traversed bv, 

Indian tribes. 16. 

Indies, Archives of, re suggestion 
concerning. 15-16. 

Jackson, re ordinances of city of. 
39; re proceedings of Board oi 
Mavor and Ahkrmcn (A, ;>9. 

lame.^on. Dr. J. Franklin. .. 9; 
letters (4" to Hon. Dunbar Row- 
land, ':>-\\\ 12-13. 

Jefferson College, re charter nnd 
statutes of, catalogue < l". 4-L 

JcrsevCatllc Breeders' Association. 
Gulf Slates, re constitution of. 42. 
folmsm, Hon. Anvis R. re speech 
of. 4C'. 

Johnson, jolm W . /. >]xeiv'x'< by 
of Chancell- 'rs Barn.Lrtl .c.i.l Lo;v^'- 

. street, 4.".. 

Johnstone. Gov., re letter^ of to 
Seere!..r\- ot" Mate. >>. 

Jones. Col'. Ch.arlcs (\. re a-ldrc^s 
of to Confcilcratc Svirvival Asso- 
ciation. 47. 

Jones. Dr. R. W . Trust cc D.Pt. and Ih^torv. i. 5. 4^. 

Lamar. Senat* r L. (). C.. r-- ]N>rtrait 
of. 24. 

Land Oifiee, General, re circular 
oi, 47. 


Lanzas, D. Pedro Torres, 14. 

Lanzas & Minor, 10. 

Latrobe, ] . li . B . , re pamphlet of on 
History of Baltimore, 47. 

Lea Female College, re catalogue 
of, 45. 

Leake, Gov. Walter, re journal of, 

Lee, Hon. Benj. A., re inaugural 
message of. o8. 

Lee, Gen. Stephen D., Trustee 
Dept. Archives and History, 4, 
5, 6; re portrait of, 22; re pam- 
phlet of on Sherman's ■Meridian 
Expedition, 44; re pamphlet of 
on Campaigns of Grant and 
Sherman, 44. 

Legislature of Miss., statement to 
by Board of Trustees of the 



ancL AiiaLury, 

3-4; re journals of, 2i); re stand- 
ing rules of, o'J, 4(1; re report of 
Committee of re Board of Con- 
trol, 39. 

Leland, Waldo G., 0, 10, 12, 13; 
letter of to Hon. Dimbar Row- 
land, 13. 

Levee Board, re annual report of, 

Levee Commissioners of Bolivar 
Co., re report of, 42. 

Lewis, Judge Seth, re portrait of . 23. 

Lipscomb, Dabney, re pamphlet of 
on T. A. S. Adams. 44. 

Logan 8c Perkins, re report by on 
Miss. Agricultural Experiment 
Station, 43. 

Longino, Gov., re journal of, 2(). 

Los Xogales, M. 

Louisiana an<l West IT<.)rida, ref- 
erence to. 7, 14; rr arclhvcs of, 

Louisiana Commercial Almanac, 47. 

Lowry, Gov. Robert, re portrait vif, 
24; re journal (.f, 2('. 

Luzcnberg, Charles A., re ]\amplilct 
concerning. 47. 

Lvnch vs. Cb.almers. re testimony 
in case of, MX. 

McClung, C.)h Alexander K.. rr 
portrait of, 24; re Eulogy of or. 
Henry Clav, :is. 

McGillcvrav.' .Vl-iai;. ir- ., S, !<;. 

McKrm. Dr. Rand.-li^h Harris-. n. 
re oration of r.n vSnldiers of ihic 
South in the Civil War, !4. 

McLaurin. Crov.. re iotirn.d <•(. 21). 

McLean, J. W. vs. .M. H. [-itrhf-rd 
ct a/., re pamphlet of, M . 

McXutt. Gov. AlexandiT (V., re 
portrait of. 23; re C(?rresp. .ndcti.e 
of, 20. 

McRae, Gov. John J., re portrait 
of, 24; re correspondence of, 20. 

McWillie, Gov. William, re portrait 
of, 22; re correspondence of, 20; 
re message of, 40. 

^lagoon, Gov., 7. 

]\Iaine, State historian, 21. 

Mandeville, H. D. Jr., r-^ oration of 
before Natchez Guards. • 

Mans ha c, 15. 

Manuscripts, liistorical, re classi- 
fying and binding of, 25. 

Marshall, Dr. C. K.,-re portrait of, 
24; re pamphlet of on The Col- 
ored Race. 40; re pamphlet of on 
Thos. J. Harper, 40; re report of 
on school books. 41 : n' address of 
on The Claims of Philanthropv, 

Martin. Gen. Will T., re portrait of, 

Matthews, Gov. Joseph W.. re 

portrait of, 24; re correspondence 

of, 2(). 
Maxent. 8. 
Mayes, Dr. Edward, Trustee Dept. 

Archives and History. 4. 5-,^ re 

pamphlet on History of Higher 

Education in Miss., 45. 
Mead, Acting Gov. Cowles. re 

journal of. 25. 
Mero, 8, 10. 
Miles, Col. William R., re portrait 

of. 22. 
Militia Svstem, re act concerning, 

Millscips. R. W.. re pamphlet of on 

History of Banking in Miss.. 42. 
Missionarv Meetings, re record of, 

Mississippi A. (."v: M. College, re 

reports of, 43. 
Mississip]M Agricultural C(41egc Ex- 

|)crimenl Staii m. re bulletins ot. 

42, 43. 
MississipjH Bankers' Association. 

/-(• minutes , .f. ;]!\ 
Alixassippi [\:\v .\s:-ori.rion. re 

mir lit cs n[, .S'.>. 
MissisMpjn Central R. R. Co . re 

charter <^\. 42: )■• report -f. "2. 
Mi.-.;. ;•■;•; Coi' -I n ati. o^o ■ i. r^l- 

crence to. 2tr. re pamphlet on 

C'inst itution of. 47. 
Mississippi (\iuns. re tnanml of 

laws <4". :;0, 
Mis-is-!]^jM Dept. Archa\a< rnvl 

lli<iorv i,>Tnmcnd«d bv d-^tvir;- 

mems'..f other Slates. 2i»-21. 
Mis^i-siT^jM (r-'vernors, portraits of, 

hsl. 21-24. 


Mississippi History, re maiuiscript 
sources of. o. 

Mississippi, Laws of. reference to, 
40, 44. 

Mississippi Military History, refer- 
ence to, 3, 27. 

}klississippi Alilitia. re hvxs regulat- 
ing, 40. 

^lississippi Xew State House, re 
pamphlet on laying of cij rner 
stone of. 44. 

Mississippi Pamphlets, valuable, 
37; list of 37-4S. 

Mississippi Presbvterv, re minutes 
of, 40. 

Mississippi legist rati<3n and elec- 
tion, laws of. reference to, 39. 

Mississippi, Revised Code cf, re 
notes on. 3G; re pamphlet on 

V_Uiic Ui i-OV-, -t-t. 

Mississippi River. It'.. 

Mississippi State- Board of Centen- 
nial Managers, rr report of, 42. 

Mississippi Sunday School Associa- 
tion, re proceedings of, 40. 

Mississippi Teacher. The, reference 
to, 45. 

Mississippi Urd\'Lrsity pam.plilets — 
magazine-^, investigation, cata- 
logues, laws and resolutions. 
sketches of Chancellors Barnard 
and Longstrcet. reports, ad- 
dresses. aniKAm cements, bulle- 
tins, Dept. of r^tedicine, review 
of actions of trusues. 43. 

Mobile, lo. 10. 

Money, Senator Hcniando Dc Soto, 
re portrait of. 24; re speech' of on 
Panama C:inrd Treaty, 38. 

Moore, Dr. M. .V.. re pampldcL of on 
Life of Gen. J-Mward Lacey. 47. 

Moore, Rev. W. I)., re sernK.n of on 
Col. Henrv Hug lies. 40. 

Morales, S. 

M')rgau,; it. t . 

Morrison. J. K.. rr pami'hlet of on 
preparatory s(. h.^.4s. -1,3. 

Museum. Stcte Hi.<o rical. rv.fcr- 
eucc to. :;. 

Xalchez, 15. 

Natchez Institute, r*: aur.ual report 
<A'. -1.". 

National Sidux-l '>t Miri^s. re pam- 
phlet Concern in.g. 40. 

New Englan<l Mi<s. Land (.\).. re 
articles of r.ssoriation. 4.3. 

New Orlc.ins, S'. . L^.ms .\ Cliitrig. > 
F^. R.. re U'tlcr.. r.- Jim.itc. cic. 
<4" country adj.iccnt to, 42. 

Newsp.:n)er files. r.nKeming old 
bound, 32; list of. ;)3-37. 

Newton, A., pamjfhlet of on Rev 
S. S. Lattimore, 41. 

North, Ralph, re brief of in ease 
Belde et al. vs. The City of 
Natchez, 41. 

North Carolina Historical Com- 
mission. 20. 

Othcial and Statistical Register, 
reference to. 3. 27; explanation 

>:,f, is-iy. 

Oldschool. Oliver, re pampiikt on 
Henry Clay, 4(3. 

Oregon, re pamphlet en. 40. 

O'Reilly, Gov., 10. 

Overflow, re pamnhlet on, 47. 

Owen, :\Ir., li, 12. 

Pamphlets, valua;)le Miss., 37; list 
of. 37-48; sneeches and ad- 
dresses, 37-3S'; legal, 39, 41. 44; 
financial. 30; governmv..:tal, 39; 
religious, 40. 41; indtistrial, 41, 
42,^43; reports A. .^- :A. College, 
43; University of Miss., 43; 
Codes. 44; hist(_>rical. 44; educa- 
tional. 44, 45; almanacs, 45; 
political, 45, 40; miscellaneous, 

Pan ton. S. 

Pass Christian. 15. 

Payo, Senor Jose D., 7. 

Peabcdv Trustees, re memorial of, 

Pearl River. 10). 

Perez, Luis Marine^ 7. 

Petttis, Gov. John J., re portrait 
of. 24; re correspondence of. 2t). 

Pevton, Chief Justice, re portrait 
of, 24. 

Piernns, Li. 

Poindcxter, Gov. George, re |N,,r- 
trait <ji. 24; re journ.d of. 2.); 
re biographical sketch of. -38. 

Political Pamphlets. 45, 4('. 

Polii ic.:d Register. Tlie. reference 
to. ;"S. 

Portraits, historicrd. 21-25; re rvdes 
govi.rrdng liie j. lacing ci in Hall 
of loinn?. 27. 

Poucry. (; A. R C.. o- o(^rres;-, nd- 
etu e ef . 2i".. 

Prenti--s. Hon. Scargent S.. re por- 
trait .4". 2 b 

Prololcrian C'Kuoii. >■ utlirrn. n. 
archives of in e\islodv of Mis->. 
r)t>I)t . Ar* Ihvcs and Hi^r.irv. :^2. n. Vv.^i. J. R . Trustee D< pt. 
of .\re!hves ar.d llisi.>r\-. \. 5. 

Quinn.;-!. (;..v. A.. 2-; rr . e^r- 
resi...t^!e!i.-(^ . t. 20. re ..b;'u.\rv 
ad(ha <ses cm. .".S. 

Railroad Cointni^^sion. re 1>. ok of 
instructions re rej-orts tet, ;>9. 


Railroad Meeting, at Natchez, re 
pamphlet on, 47. 

Reed, Senator Thomas B., re por- 
trait of, 22. 

Register, Oilicial and Statistical, 
reference to, 3, 27. 

Ricks, The Fanny J. Summer Term 
of -Universitv of Miss., rt^ pamph- 
let of, 43. 

Riley, Dr. F. L,, Trustee Dept. of 
Archives and Hisiury. 4. 5; re 
pamphlet of on Extinct Towns 
and Villages of "uiss., 44. 

Rivers, 10. 

Robertson, Jas. A., 17. 

Robinson, Hon. Charles D., re 
pamphlet on Birthplaces of Amer- 
icanism. 47. 

Rogers, Judge Francis M., re por- 
trait, of, 23. 

Root, Sec. Elihu, 7. 

Rowland, Hon. Dunbar, F^i rector 
Miss. Dept. Archives and His- 
tory', re administratiC'Ti of, 3, 4; 
sixth a.nnual report of, 5-51; 
thanked by Board of Trustees, G; 
letter of to Dr. J. F. Jameson, 
11-12; letter of lo \Valdo G. 
Leland, 14; letter of to D. Pedro 
Torres Lanzos, 14-15; re visit of 
to Washington. 27-32: corres- 
pondence of with Gen. F. C. 
Ainsworth, re war records. 2S- 
32; re pamphlet of on P.ditical 
and Parliamentary Oniicrs and 
Oratory of Miss.. 44; re pamphlet 
of on Alississippi's First Consti- 
tution and its makers, 44:; re 
speech of accepting portrait of 
JeiTerson Davis, 44; re address of 
on Mississippi plan for preserva- 
tion of archives. 44. 

Rowland, Dr. P. W., address of 
on some phases of Medical Educa- 
tion, 38. 

Runnels, Cmv. fiiram G.. re por- 
trait of, 24. 

Russell, Hon. A. J., re address of 
before Univer<i!}' • 'f Mi'^s:. ■!3. 

St. Catherine. 1 i>. 

Sargent, GeA'. Wiiulirop, re ]x^r- 
trait of. 24; re iournnl of. 25; re 
laws of. 2 1-., 

Scott, Chancellor Charles, re por- 
trait of. 24. 

Senate of Miss., re ir)umal of. 44. 

Shackelford, Thcunas, rr jiamphlet 
of, 47. 

Sharkev, Chi-'f Jn^tire \\ . P.. re 
portrait of. 24: re l-rief of in case 
State of Miss. f.v. Amlrew John- 
son. President .41. 

Sharon College, re catalogue of, 44. 
Shepherd, Dr. W. R., 15, 17. 
Shields, Joseph D.. re address of at 

Jefferson College, 45. 
Singk'ton. Hon. Otho R.. re por- 
trait of. 23. 
Sm.edes, Wrn. C. re debate with 

Rev. A. Abbey, 41. 
Smith, Judge C. P., re portrait 

of. 24, 
South, The, in-danger, re pampldet 

on, 40. 
Southern R. R. Co., n^ report of, 42. 
Spanish Archives, re transcripts of, 

14-15, 16, 17, 18. 
Soeight, Senator Jesse, re portrait 

of^; 24. 
Spencer, Rev. S. W., re discourses 

of in answer to Right Rev. Jones 

Henry Otey, 41. "" 
State Historical ^luseum, reference 

to, 3. 
Steele, [ohn, re report on petition 

of, 45. 
Stewart, Virgil A., re pamphlet of 

on John A. ^lurrel. 47. 
Stockdale, Judge Thomas R.. re 

portrait of, 22. 
Stone, Alfred Holt, re pamphlet on 

Miss, statutes re freedmen. 44. 
Stone, Gov. John M., re portrait of, 

24; re correspondence of, 2^: re 

revievv- of re Barry Railroad Bill. 

39; re biennial message of. 39. 
Stratton, Rev. Joseph B.. re memo- 
rial of a Gr carter Century's 

Pastorate, 40. 
Sullivan. H. M.. re compilation ^bv 

of laws ar.d resolutions re Uni- 
versity of Miss., 43. 
Talapuchcs. 10. 

Tantet. M. Victor. 9. 11, 13. 14. 
Tatum, John, re pamphlet of on 

Esther. 40; re pam[-hlet of on 

Moses. 40. 
Teachers and School Onicers in 

Miss., re T)am]^!"ik't on. 45. 
Tebault. Dr. G. H.. ?v address of. 

Te.xas. re pamphlet on apj'cal to 

friends of. 40. 
Tlv.mpkius, Pitrirk W.. r,- >-,.....dics 

of on President's messages. 3S 
Thomj'son, Ihm. ]acol), re portrait 

of, 22. 
Tt)bac.-o planters, re pamphlet on, 

Toml;ec1.e. 1.'.. 

Totnbi'^Oee Kucr, re pamphlet on 

Geologv a!id Cement Resources 

of. A.i. ' 


Top<_)p;r;ip]iy of vState of Miss., re 
painj'hlet on, 41. 

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Miss,, 42. 

Treveno, IG. 

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Truth is no Slander, re pamphlet, 

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Vicksburg, Shreveport & Texas 
Railroad Convention, re proceed- 
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Topography of Miss., 41. 

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State of Miss. vs. Andre\\' John- 
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Our National Finances, 4G; re 
letter of on Annexation of Xova 
Scotia, 46. 

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The Race Problem. 4G. 

War Depart men t at Washington. 
re policy of concerning records 

Washington, re ordinances of town 

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Wilkinson Co., re Dam.plilet abv^ut, 

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ot in I'. S. Hous'" ca Representa- 
tives. 38; re soeccii cf ')n Railr^ lad 
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on The Citizen (■! Zi^n, 40; re 
sermon of C'n Evideut^'cs of 
Christianity. 41; re sormr-.r of 
on Simeon "Gibs. -n. 4! : re serm^.n 
of on political advanta:c>._ 41 ; 
re sermon of on Gen. S. L. Wi-is- 
ton, 46; re discourse of on Cl-.ariiy 
Superior to Knowledge. 47. 

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Yazoo, 15, 16. 

Verger. Hon. Georce S.. re o-rirait 
r.f. 2'; ?'■• del-ate with Kew A. 
A])bev, 41. 

ff Jfif. 5'?^